The happiest place on Earth

Disneyland is such an awesome place, I almost teared a few times! (‘:

Day 9 in Anaheim, 16th December 2010

The night before we took about an hour long to drive to Anaheim. We checked into Best Western Anaheim Inn which was located directly opposite Disneyland! :D

We woke up at 8am the next day and prepared some food for breakfast. Traveling with The Chaus will always see us having loads of loots from the supermarket because they like to make their own breakfast! And in case you were wondering, there was no complimentary breakfast as well. /:

Outfit of the day
Top from New Look, Jeans from New Future

Coat from H&M, Boots from Go Jane, Bag from Crumpler

Tickets to the happiest place on earth! :D

After we were done with our breakfast, we walked over to Disneyland! I had so much fun while I was in there. Can’t believe that we spent such a short time at the one over in Hong Kong! D: We spent the entire day over at Disneyland and we couldn’t even cover all the rides! ): And just for your information, we only left this magical land at 12am.

Boyfriend acting retarded as usual.

Main street.

First top: Adventureland!

Taking on a river cruise!

Tarzan’s treehouse

Mickey’s wizard hat! :D

Everything’s just so beautiful. Too good to be real.

The first exciting ride we took! And this was damn good! Taking on a roller coaster ride and experiencing all the Indiana Jones adventure! :D We all enjoyed this!

The interior of a cafe (/restaurant?)

Jeremy flaunting his card tricks! He has got so many tricks to share! (:

Jerwin trying to see where to visit on the map

Jon said that the movie Pirates of the Caribbean started from this Disney ride, instead of having this ride to compliment the movie!

The insane queue goes all the way up!

It’s really difficult to take pictures inside each ride because it was dark. But this is one of the nicest shots and I gave up taking pictures after that.

Splash Mountain

This picture is mad hilarious! And just in case you were wondering where I am… I’m in front of Jon and behind his dad. Somewhere. And Jon’s expression is damn funny, while his youngest brother pulled up his jacket all the way to his head. HAHAHA. I am damn terrible at taking thrill rides. Jon would know how I’ll freak out.

Lunch from Hungry Bear’s restaurant!

I never knew this skeleton cartoon character was by Disney!

The entire house was a not-so-scary ride! I mean, how scary can Disney be? But Disney is really good at creating effects! The computerized graphics of the ghosts dancing around the Christmas tree really looked like ghosts! It was so awesome and amazing I was damn impressed!

Thank god for Fast Passes so that we could avoid the crazy long queues!


Mickey’s Toontown! Look at everything it’s so cartoonish! The only thing that’s real here are the people and the sky. Look at the mountains in the background! So cuteee!

Hello Mickey! So cute, it just makes you happy looking at him!

A kiddy roller coaster ride which was fun still. Hahaha. Jon’s Mom, his two brothers and I queued up for this while they went to have a look at other stuff.

It’s a Small Small World. We didn’t get to go here even though Jon wanted us to have a look! He said it’s beautiful inside. ):

I know the focus was a little off, but yes the castle was gorgeous!

Beautifully lit Main Street.


The crowd started gathering at the Main Street to catch the awesome fireworks finale.

The beautiful fireworks finale. Too bad my memory had some issues and the video got cut of somewhere. /:

If you can’t see properly, those white things that are flying in the air are snow created by Disneyland for the ultimate effect. The moment this started flying through the sky, I wanted to cry because it was so…. beautiful.

Buzz Light Year!

Jerwin and I

Jeremy and Jon!

Space Mountain. This ride was damn awesome! Imagine entering a roller coaster ride in pitch dark, and all you can see were… light mimicking stars. It was a very beautiful sight. And driving through the galaxy in speed? Awesome!

There were other rides that we took such as Peter Pan’s Flight where we were on this seats which were attached on the celling rail. And all the beautiful decorations come in on the floor, like we were on the Peter Pan’s ship on air looking at the different cities from the bird’s eye view! There was even a standing London Eye!

And a Mickey showed called Fantast-Mic showing his imagination (dream) was really awesome too! The fireworks, the lights, the water, and the ships driving into river was just beautiful. When all Princes and Princesses came into the picture in the ship almost made me tear. Oh how much childhood memories they brought back!

I never thought I’d enjoy Disneyland this much since the previous one at HK because we didn’t explore enough.

I left Disneyland feeling like a kid. Touched, happy and contented. (:

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