The full Reunion

A short road trip to Santa Barbara with Jon. Just the two of us. (:

Day 8 in Santa Barbara and Los Angeles, 15th December 2010

We woke up early to pack our stuff, and then we headed off to Santa Barbara. We heard that it was a really beautiful place and it was both of our virgin trip there! A pity that the weather that day wasn’t really good and the sky was covered with dark clouds. ): Anyway, it was a two hour drive and it really didn’t seem that bad! A two hour drive back in Singapore to Malaysia would feel terribly long somehow. /:

Settled our lunch, and we started walking around the small town of Santa Barbara! (: A really simple and slow place, and I quite like it there! :D It was just the both of us driving around the area exploring the new places with only our GPS and no where in particular to head to.

We settled here for lunch! It was run by a British Couple though!

Chicken and Mushroom Pie which was damn awesome!

Fish & Chips. Fish fillet rather, because we didn’t order the chips.

Left the idyllic town and headed back to Los Angeles to pick up Jon’s family who was arriving. The both of us, however, were stucked in a terribly huge jam. Jon could even take a nap in the car while waiting for it to move! D: I was really looking forward to their arrivals because that just meant fun was coming really soon! :D

After we picked them up from the airport, we went back to Master Chef Restaurant at Chinatown because we figured that his grandparents might wanna have some Chinese food instead. We ordered a feast and the bill only came up to about USD65, how cheap!

Some restaurant a few streets down where Rush Hour was filmed.

The huge influx of fun is not giving me enough time to blog about them all! D: I am really enjoying myself a lot, and I hate how I am into the second week of my stay already. Fun times really should last as long as how terrible times do. ): Meanwhile, I am going to enjoy myself to the fullest before reality strikes back! :D

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