When the exams are over!

Day 7 in Los Angeles, 14th December 2010

It was the last day of Jon’s exams and that (kinda) spelt freedom for the both of us! Initially we had plans to go out and have some fun together in the afternoon after we got the van that we rented, but some unforseen circumstances happened and we were unable to do so. ):

After Jon was done with his final paper, the both of us went to have lunch at Soy (I know right, yet again!) because his friends were there. But since we’re always trying different stuff when we’re there, it wasn’t that bad. Tried the chicken udon this time round and it is damn awesome! I’ve been having more asian food than western food even though I’ve been here for a week already!

Outfit of the Day
Turtle neck top from Berskha, Cardigan from Mango, Jeans from New Future, Boots from Go Jane, Bag from Crumpler

Chicken Udon

Gotta love the salad!

One of Jon’s friend, also a Singaporean, came to pick us up and drove us to the place where we rented our van. He owns a second-hand convertible and it was quite an experience driving through LA city with the wind blowing through your hair. But I kinda hated how tangled up my hair becomes after that! >:(

On a side note, and truth to be told, I didn’t quite like the way his friend drove because it was all about speed and also, rather reckless driving it seems to me. And that’s also the reason why we got into an accident when another car collided into us and the impact was rather… strong. To me at least. Thankfully there wasn’t anyone that was injured even though there was a big commotion by the other American guy who wanted compensation.

And because the entire accident happened right in front of the car rental shop, the owner kinda came up with some reasons not to rent us the van and we had to go around searching for other van rentals because Jon’s family was coming and we needed our transportation. All the hassle that we have gotta go through, and more money involved too. ):

And if in case you can’t tell how huge the car is…

The driver. I must say that I was impressed that Jon can drive and handle such a big vehicle rather well! (:

Had Korean BBQ Buffet at K-town for dinner with his friends, and it was really cheap! USD12/pax! :O The food was pretty good and I enjoyed my dinner. Hate how I get full really quickly during dinner and then I get really hungry thereafter. >:(

Headed back to our place thereafter to pack up our stuff because we’d be going to Disneyland followed by Vegas for the next few days. There was just so much to pack, but most of them were Jon’s stuff.

After I showered, Jon told me that there was an impromptu meet up with his international exchange friend’s – the Thais to be specific – place to play pictionary! I can literally imagine all the fun that these people go through while studying overseas, and I wish I was fortunate enough to experience something like this too. ): But anyway, his friends were all really friendly!

Anyway, Pictionary was damn hilarious. Wilcent, Jon and I were on the same team and we were the loser team! ): The two other teams had very good and smart guessers, and Jon said that we were practically nothing! ): Hahaha, but well all in the name of Fun! :D We played till 4am in the morning omg. D:

It was really nice seeing how all of them hugged each other and couldn’t bear to part because it was probably their last time hanging out together as it marks the end of their exchange program. Oh, and most of them are actually traveling around the USA after that too! It’s such a norm I don’t even think my trip is that exciting anymore. D:

The host took out this Cheesecake from The Cheesecake Factory. This has gotta be the SMOOTHEST cheesecake I’ve ever taste. Really awesome!

Jon and I went on a short road trip to Santa Barbara today, but it’s a little late for me to blog about it right now so I guess I’ll do it tomorrow! Have a good day everyone! :D

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