Life would be perfect if everything stays the same like this

I don’t know why, but I quite like this picture. Zilch makeup, hair tied back, my pint of Starbucks ice-cream and me, with the boyfriend sleeping in the background.

Lazy but happy day ♥

Day 5 in Los Angeles, 12th December 2010

For the past five days while I am here, it feels like I have lost track of time. Waking up at 1pm seems like a norm, and the sky turns dark by 5pm, and sleeping at 2am feels early to me. This is quite bad. /:

Yesterday was a really simple and lazy day. We didn’t go any where and only stayed indoors the entire day. The boy was supposed to study for his exam but was so tired that he ended up sleeping the afternoon away. Oh well, he functions best in the wee hours of the night when it comes to studying anyway. The exact opposite from me.

The only time we left the house was for dinner at Chinatown with Apple and Nelson. Chinese cuisine at Master Chef, and I was really bloated. Surprisingly the food in the states isn’t really expensive (unless you are talking about those high end dining restaurants) and it really made me think that it’s probably the standard of living back home is higher. /: Groceries are cheaper and comes in much bigger quantity, and I guess I can start to understand why Jon enjoys being in the states quite a far bit.

The food at Master Chef was good, and really filling considering the price that we paid for. We couldn’t even finish them and had to ask for takeaway. Seems like the perk of being here means that paying for a meal could mean that you can save on the second (if you takeaway and heat up the food the next day)!

Eggplant. I love this dish!

After a bloated dinner, we went off to another Chinese cafe – Phoenix Inn Chinese – to takeaway some desserts! q: Greedy gluttons are what we are.

Day 6 in Los Angeles, 13th December 2010

Baby woke up and left for exams while I slept in to 1pm again. But it was really nice to wake up with a very simple and sweet surprise from Jon when he got back. (: But it was so huge I only managed to finish up the big breakfast portion. D:

Macdonalds Deluxe breakfast

A random picture: The insane amount of Coach items that Wilcent’s (Jon’s housemate) Mom bought! Coach is dirt cheap here it practically has not much value.

The only time we left the house today was to go over to Apple & Nelson’s place to cook dinner together. I am kinda experiencing what a life of an overseas student is experiencing and I really think that they get to learn a lot of self survival skills (e.g. housework, and cooking for themselves). Sometimes I really wish that I’d have an opportunity to study overseas as well. ):

Walking over to Apple & Nelson’s place to cook up our dinner!

I have no explanation for that retarded expression here.

Baked rice!

Went back to Jon’s place thereafter to just laze a little while before Jon has to get back to mugging. So his resting equates to playing a game of DOTA and having desserts together. After all that, Jon told me that he was hungry and he wanted to eat the pancakes he got for me earlier. In the cold state that it was. I stopped him and went to heat up the pancakes while he continued on with whatever that he was doing, but with more effort and love. (: Even he was surprised when I took it for him! :D

Sleeping on my leg with the bear. (Oh yes, I brought the bear over to surprise him)

Heehee, Baby was surprised at the midnight pancake feast I prepared for him! :D

Played with my Holga and the multi-coloured flash!

And I attached the Holga’s flash onto my LX-3 just to play around a little. Quite liking the kind of effects I am getting (other than it being overexposure I am getting)! :D

Red + Yellow filter

Jon took this, and I look like a zombie. D:

My mugger in the background.

Blue + Yellow filter

I can’t wait for tomorrow because Jon will have his last paper and we will be off exploring new places together. And that’s when my holiday officially starts too! :D I can’t wait! Shall crash early and prepare for the eventful (hopefully) day tomorrow! :D

3 thoughts on “Life would be perfect if everything stays the same like this

  1. Gosh, YOU ARE HAVING SUCH A GREAT LIFE OVER THERE NOW. hahahaha, the food, the shopping, the company, the entire experience. I can literally see you glowing alr, haha!

  2. SOOK FUNG, Because I’d need a car and I can’t drive. /:

    EMILY, I don’t wanna go back to reality anymore. Reality = Singapore. ): MORE SHOPPING AND SIGHT SEEING FROM TODAY ON YAYYYY! :D Stay tuned! q: But that’s even if I have the time to blog about it. q:


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