Santa Monica

Took a drive to Santa Monica. The view of the sunset was soooo beautiful!

Day 4 in Santa Monica, 11th December 2010

Jon and I woke up at 1.30pm, and what’s new? Both of us enjoy lazing in bed so much it isn’t even normal. We’ve gotta be the laziest couple on the surface of Earth. D: Both of us made a simple breakfast (more like lunch actually), and it was good! Cereals and pop tarts! :D

Pop Tarts, and this is really awesome!

Our simple breakfast!

And breakfast in bed ♥

Later in the afternoon, Jon’s friends – Apple and Nelson – came over with the car they rented and we all drove to Santa Monica to catch the beautiful sight of the sunset. It wasn’t a long drive there, and the view was as gorgeous as it promised to be. (: We took a lot of pictures that we took! Some of them are so beautiful it looks so fake as though we had some back drop on.

Anyway, the sunset was really beautiful. You could literally see the sunsetting within a minute! Nelson wanted to video the whole sight, but missed it because he was setting up his tripod! It’s that fast! We were literally facing the horizon, and if we were to swim across the ocean, we’d reach Hawaii. Hung around that area taking pictures for a rather long time, but it’s all worth it. (:

Jon wearing my sunnies because the sun kept shining towards his face, while I was nicely behind the shadows. :D

Jon’s friends from NUS who are also here on exchange – Nelson and Apple

Santa Monica Beach

Random pictures taken by Jon

A very cute ATM by the side.

The boyfriend acting cute

Churro that Baby bought. But ewww, I hate cinnamon! /:

There was this machine where we put a penny in, and it’d press it, and mould it into a Pressed Penny Souvenior. It’s illegal to destory/vandalise our currency back home, but it is legal here! Jon (along with his other friends) has been doing this to keep all the Pressed Pennies as souveniors!

And this is the one at Santa Monica!

I know this picture looks really fake, but the view in the background’s really beautiful. (:

My glutton

HAHAHA, both of us had hotdog bun in our mouth!

Theme park by the beach

When night falls, we went (window) shopping! There was an entire street just for shopping! :O American Eagles, Armani Exchange, Apple, GAP, Mango, Zara, it’s almost like you-name-it-and-there-it-is! But nope, I managed to keep to my word not to spend anymore until Jon finishes his exam. There were a lot of buskers who put up quite an exciting performance by the streets too! :D

They’re probably a group of people from Church singing Christmas Carols by the street. And there were a lot of street buskers too!

Raspberry Cheesecake, which was really good!

After window shopping, we drove off to another city nearby – Ponoma – for dinner. Chinese cuisine! It wasn’t too bad at all! (: They were all talking about how cheap the lobsters were! We ordered a feast and I ate till my tummy couldn’t take it anymore. I have a small appetite, but I get hungry really easily. ):

Bought bubble tea from this cafe nearby, and it wasn’t good in my opinion. The pearls were yucky, but the tea wasn’t that bad. KOI (and Each-a-cup) is still the best for me! Or at least till I’ve tried better ones around! (:

Lobster, which was damn cheap!

Hot & spicy soup

Bubble tea, with awful pearls (in my opinion).

It’s such a fulfilling day to me! Apart from getting shopping loots that I really love while traveling, sight seeing is definitely something I enjoy a lot. Never thought I’d appreciate the nature so much till I’ve been doing some traveling for the past few years. I remember how I used to find sight-seeing really boring when I was younger.

Alright, it’s 2am already and I guess I really should be getting some rest! It’s going to be a simple day tomorrow because the boy has gotta study for his papers on Monday and Tuesday. And after his last paper on Tuesday, we’d have a one-on-one date somewhere! I’m so looking forward to it, because I guess that’s when my holiday really starts! :D

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