Hello Los Angeles!

Hello everyone! It is almost 7pm in Singapore now, but it’s only 3am over here! :D And my toes are freezing as I am typing this!

This is a trip of a lifetime, and I really think it is something that’s worth spending on. I think draining my bank account down to zilch is still alright for me while I am still young with no major life commitments yet.

“We’ll never be as young as we are tonight.”

So anyway, it is my first time flying on my own. Without any companion. And it is also the first time I am taking such a long flight, and it kinda freaks me out a little knowing that I have very little time for me to find my way to the next belt when I am transiting in Tai Pei. Well, I did have some problems because I was panicking trying to find out how to get to the belt because Tai Pei’s airport’s a little messy in my opinion. I can see the belt but I have no way I can get into it other than taking a big round! /:

But really, taking a 17 hour long flight is such a dread. I only went to the toilet once can you imagine! Okay partly because I was sitting on the window seat and I didn’t want to trouble people when I have to get out.

Oh, I have to say that one great companion during the flight has gotta be the inflight mahjong game available! q: But errr…. I only won less than 5 rounds despite playing the easy mode. )’: A nice Vietnamese-American and I made friends, so I guess that kinda make the flight a little easier to get by. (:

This cost me a bomb, but it’s all worth it!

Christmas Decoration at Changi Airport

So Jon was laughing at my special request for my inflight food – Low Calories/Fat Meal

Bored on my flight. Imagine taking a flight alone for the first time. For 17 hours. ):

Looking at the view of LA from the plane.

It looks really amazing somehow from up above. It doesn’t look like any of the country I have been to. So much mountains and seas as I look through the window, it is so beautiful. And somehow it is nicely divided into grids too.

Baby picked me up from the airport, and somehow reunion seems like a norm already! But it’s always nice to be in the warm embrace of the one you love. (: Jon borrowed a car from his neighbour to pick me up, and it’s quite interesting to see how smooth he is at driving despite sitting on the left seat now! And… he can drive at 120km/hr and that seems like the average speed that people drive here. I swear I feel like I am going to fly out somehow. /: But well, I am safe!

Dropped my stuff at Jon’s hostel, and met his roommate who’s also from Melbourne Uni! After that, the both of us went out for lunch together and I got myself a prepaid card! :D So if any of you want to contact me, emailing/msn/bbm or any form of social networking site should be able to contact me! (:

Jon’s hostel.

Me: Let’s take picture!
Jon: *hug hug*


Greetings from the other side of the world! :D

So Jon has been doing a hell lot of online shopping, and all his stuff are mailed to his place where he picks them up. He has been getting loads of cheap deals from shopping at Amazon or eBay I think he’s addicted. Okay, almost.

We had breakfast for lunch. (Get it? Hahaha.)

The newspaper stands right outside the restaurant

California’s Benedict

My first shopping loots in LA: A prepaid card (yay I have unlimited use for data plan!) and a new BB cover! :D I am damn sad to find a dent on the side of my BB when I was on the plane. ):

The boy’s supposed to be studying for his exam that was happening in a few hours later but he went to take a nap instead. -.-“

The mess on his table.

While Jon and his roommate was studying for the paper, I went to sleep. Until they came back from their exam, so it was just nice for dinner! :D Had dinner with his friends that were from NUS (and they’re on an exchange as well), and I met them with a naked face and hair that I woke up with. Hahaha, omg I am such a lazy bum they probably think that Jon’s girlfriend is a freak.

Dinner at Soy Roll & Katsu. It’s Japanese Fast Food.

It tastes as awesome as it looks! And the best is that it comes in a huge portion!
(Please refer to the pictures below for a relative size of the food)

Jon has been secretly going to the gym before I arrived. Check out his muscles! ˆˆ
So that makes me the fat one now. ):

Shrimp Tempura Udon, which taste quite good actually.

After dinner, we had frozen yogurt at Yogurtland! Jon was idiot who always find a way to cheat me! There was once when we were back in Singapore, I got myself a $12 worth froyo at Swirlart (Amanda would know). And since Yogurtland has the same concept as Swirlart, it goes by weight. And he told me “Don’t take so much ah, expensive! Don’t take all the heavy toppings okay!”

Froyo tester cup!

And me, listening to his instructions I tried not to take too much toppings.

Look at the pathetic amount of toppings I got! ): But damn, Jon cheated me. THIS COST ONLY USD$1.71! -.-” (Check the relative size of the cup from the previous picture) Jon felt super satisfied when I got con! /: I am going to eat froyo till I get sick and tired of it here.

After dinner, Jon was supposed to go back home to study for his papers tomorrow. But he said that he’s going to bring me out for a walk around his campus. Just the two of us. (: It was rather cold, so we held hands and stuffed them into his sweater’s pockets. Hahaha. And he brought me to the school that Zac Efron’s studying in! *dreamy eyes*

One of the houses in the accommodation estate. Look at the Christmas lightings! It’s so beautiful!

Jon’s main intention of bringing me out to his school campus instead of studying was to actually bring me to the Keyboard Lab. Then he grabbed a Clavinova (electric piano) and started playing it for me. Jon’s more a sportsperson, but he actually took up Music as his modules for me. Just because I liked music, and that I found guys who are musically inclined very attractive. I was aware that he took up music theory classes, but not practical.

All the time when I called him at his 12am and he didn’t pick up the call, he was in the Keyboard Lab practising. So he’d rather me scold him then to be honest with me what he’s up to, just to surprise me. I am really touched. (‘:

Day one in LA wasn’t anything fantastic and interesting.

But it’s nothing less than awesome just with the company of my favourite boy. ♥

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