If today was your last day, and tomorrow was too late.

Would you say goodbye to yesterday?

Even though my current schedule in life wasn’t what I planned, but I am glad that I am getting these days off from work right now till I fly. Getting to rest, have fun with my friends, running some last minute travel errands and last minute packing is just what I need. I am glad that things took a different turn that catered to the need that I never realised. (:

So yesterday the girlfriends and I booked a room in Marina Bay Sands for a sleepover fun! :D It was quite crazy with so much laughing and whacking, along with alcohol and stupid drinking games. And as usual, almost all of us were late at the supposedly meeting time. Old habits die hard! q:

We lazed around in the room for the entire afternoon, because most of them were lazy and March just wanted to watch TV as though she doesn’t have one at home! That girl is a die-hard Channel 8 drama fan or something. We only left the room in the evening to walk around the Skypark, then back to the room to wait for Jolyn to join us. It wasn’t a good day for a swim because the wind was just crazy!

Free TWG teabags.

While waiting for Jolyn to join us after work, we just played in our room. Girls just want to have fun! :D

After Jolyn joined us, we walked over to Marina Bay Link and had Thai food for dinner! Jeanna recommended Absolute Thai because it was good and affordable. The best was that there was an ongoing promotion; one for one mains! The food was good and we only paid $15 per person considering the amount of food we ordered! It’s awesome I love it! :D

Pineapple rice

Pandan rice

Phat Thai

Mango sticky rice! Have been craving for this ever since my return from bangkok!

After dinner, where each one of us ordered main along with 2 side dishes and desserts, our bloated tummies screamed for help! D: We walked around Marina Bay Sands, took pictures by the river and got a little crazy when we went back to our hotel room. It was really quite nice exploring this new part of Singapore where none of us have never been to before. It almost felt like we were overseas for real!

No, we are not crazy. We’re just high on love.
(Okay I think I have gotta admit that I was a little high. Without alcohol, that is.)

Linda laughed so much she looked like she was in pain.

Our tomato turn ripe in less than 2 cups.

Called for room service for buckets of ice and extra towels, hiding away from the MBS staff just in case we got caught for having too many people in a room. It was all fun, despite there wasn’t any particular reason that we booked the room for. Just to gather and have some fun together.

It really feels very good to be letting my hair down like that. December really seem to be as good as it promised, and hopefully better! (:

4 thoughts on “If today was your last day, and tomorrow was too late.

  1. December has always the month of partying and catching with friends and more friends :D

  2. wonder who’s the photographer of such awesome night portraits.

    can you me the photos? like zip file or smth before you flyyyyyy?

  3. SOOKFUNG, That I have to agree. It’s a waste that I am not going to be able to spend Christmas with you girls this year. Remember my present though I am away hokay! Hahahha! q:

    AUDREY, Okay fine you are the wonderful photographer okay! You just want me to praise you don’t you? Hahaha! q: There are a lot of photos for me to send! D: I’ll try zipping it and upload it to the net, then pass you the link? (:


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