It’s December already

My colleagues from the ION – a very nice group of people to be working with.

Philip, ION’s manager – who is damn crappy, so I keep making fun of him!


Jarrad my supervisor Optometrist.

Jeric, fellow Optometrist.

Xin Wang after work on Monday night with my colleagues from ION.

Ever since my manager went on maternity leave, the outlet I was working in (Wisma, to be exact) merged with ION to be under the care of Philip. I guess this is definitely one period that I really enjoy working with because that means I get to be away from the incapable assistant supervisor since I get to rotate around working at ION & Wisma. And the ever so nice Philip really helped me to plan my working schedule when I told him that “I do not want to work with Jeff for the rest of the week”.

Working at ION was a really pleasant period during my stay at Optical 88. At least that means seeing more of my crazy cranky self rather than angsty, trying to defend and fight for myself with a colleague I’ve never enjoyed working with.

But today, I woke up knowing that I am free bird. That feels really good, albeit a little empty.

It’s December already.

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