Mr & Mrs Lye’s Big Day

At Mandarin Oriental

Long or short, it was still very thoughtful of Mrs Lye to write down a personal message to each of her guest.

A very interesting wedding gift to the guests – Heart measuring spoons with quotes engraved. Must be inspired from Shufeng’s interest for baking!

Mr Lye is probably too excited with his speech, but look at Mrs Lye. She looks so happy. (‘:

The beautiful bride.

My first friend that got married. Looking at how her husband proposed to her a year ago and hearing her excitement during the year long preparation for their big day really warms my heart.

Weddings are my biggest weakness. While looking through the video montages and pictures of the newly wed, it makes me tear secretly in the dark while no one is noticing. Love is such a sweet thing it is just amazing, and being able to experience something like this makes living worth it. I guess stepping into adulthood means seeing more of your friends tying the knot and embarking on the new journey of their lives. I was really, really, really happy for Shufeng. The bliss and radiance in her bridal beauty was contributed by her happiness and not just the make up.

At the young age of 24, and she is already married. This is exactly what I want – my ideal age for marriage. Getting married young has never occurred to me as “giving up my youth and sacrifice for a lot more that I could get if I wasn’t married”.

Then in my mind, came Jon. I started thinking of how I want my wedding to be, how perfect it would be I can’t even hide my smile, and how I might even ruin my make up with tears of joy. Then it warms my heart… to remember that Jon told me he has already got the list of guys that he wants to have as his brothers.

Weddings really has gotta be my biggest weakness.

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