14 more days

I installed Google Sync on my Blackberry and it was really awesome because that just means that my iCalendar, Google Calendar and phone works as one right now. Really pretty awesome.

And because the Obsessive Compulsive Disorder in me started acting up once I had it started (which explains why I am still awake right now), I couldn’t stop updating my calendar! Of which, my December and January looks really exciting for now.

Look! I even downloaded a countdown widget for my Macbook’s Dashboard so I don’t have to go through the hassle of counting down manually. I even have 3 weather forecast widgets running concurrently so I can monitor how the weather’s like over there.

Really hyped up about my first long distance trip (on my own) I am already having dreams about me being over in the States already! Now I am only worried about my luggage not being big enough, and whether the clothes I have would be able to keep me warm enough in New York. Sigh, the thought of having to spend more money on pre-traveling shopping really makes me upset. Having to fund for this entire trip all by myself is no joke.

This trip would really serve as a good getaway for me. 2010 has been very extreme for me, and I guess this is probably the only thing that can help end this year well, and give a good kickstart to 2011 too.

Just 14 more days – make that 15 because of the time wasted on the flight – and I’ll be back in your sweet embrace.

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