Japanese food can never go wrong


Obviously I fail in trying to make a cup of ice-cream to stand straight and tall.

Potatoes which was awesome, and this was my second plate.

Oh yes, I am a carb lover.

Brought Jon’s parents out for a Japanese buffet treat at Kushin-bo. And since Uncle’s birthday is tomorrow, but I am working, it was an early birthday treat from me to him. I am so glad that the both of them enjoyed themselves during lunch and we all ate to our heart’s content. Both of them couldn’t stop saying how worth it the buffet was, considering that there is such a wide variety of food. Not forgetting that the food’s rather fresh too. Sakae Sushi’s buffet pales in comparison so badly.

I can tell that Jon’s parents are feeling very happy today, especially when they managed to talk to Jon over the phone during lunch as well. They’re such a happy couple together it amazes me what love can do. (:

4 thoughts on “Japanese food can never go wrong

  1. oh gosh the food is literally making me drool. my stomach just roared at this page!

  2. ESTELLA, HAHAHA you are so funny evil twin! You should bring Ant there. The food’s awesome and I am sure it is really worth the money! (Y)


    that will make all your money worth it man!

    i went to kuishin bo jurong point on the same night too. hahaha!

  4. AUDREY, It wasn’t available for the lunch! Only for the dinner! I heard that the suntec branch’s food was better, but I am not sure how true it is. *shrugs*


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