Transition through the years.


I was having the time of my life looking at ugly old fat pictures of myself when I was back in St. Marg’s. Despite it being the golden period of my life, I have to admit that I was a fishball back then. Short hair, round face, double chin maybe. I was having so much fun spamming my ugly pictures to Amanda she was freaking out she told me that she said “KNN” out loud in front of the screen hahaha. So hilarious!

It was so funny I couldn’t laugh at myself alone and I needed the world to laugh at me with me, so I changed my facebook picture to the one above. In less than 10 minutes I have got a sudden influx of comments. Oh well, purpose achieved! (The funny thing is that I don’t feel embarrassed about my ugly photos, and I wonder why.)

And I was looking back at my pictures since years ago, I noticed that my transition year was in 2007; when I entered poly, when Jon was officially back with me. Jon was actually the one that spurred my vainity hormones. I kept my hair long, started wearing dresses that are more feminine, check out how heels work  – my favourite footwear was birkens back then, and my favourite now are 4 inches heels  – and played around with make up.

2006. At Jon’s farewell party before he flew off for foundation studies in Melbourne. Before we got together.

Then there was evolution. No, maybe mutation.

Amanda: Swan sia. Chau is the prince that woke you up or something. The kiss of beauty.

Yupp. Jon is really the reason for all the major changes in my life.

4 thoughts on “Transition through the years.

  1. Gosh, I was shocked when I scroll down to the last pic. HAHAHA! You look fine in secondary school but the change is like, woah! LOL. Just like you evolved like some pokemon, HAHAHAHA! So pretty now! :DDD

  2. EMILY, HAHAHA I guess you’re probably the only one who thinks I look fine in secondary school. q: I know my change is big, but I think my other secondary school friends also went thru the same dramatic change. It’s probably the make up too I guess!


  3. Nooooo, it’s not the make up, hahaha! I honestly think it’s fine leh, I mean not comparing to how you look like now but how we all look back then, HAHAHA! It’s your features I think!

  4. EMILY, I mean I probably look a little different now because of the make up! But what features are you talking about? Is there any features to talk about in the first place? HAHAHA. I think I look more haggard now with a naked face though. Those radiance from the younger days are gone. ):


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