Through the night, let’s work our mind and play some games

Mind Cafe with DOPT peeps after work. All the screaming from the fun which resulted in a hoarse throat is worth it.

After work on Friday night, I met up with my fellow DOPT peeps at Mind Cafe Prinsep Road for a gathering just before most of the guys enlist into army next week. Bet the guys just want to make full use of their time while the freedom is still here with them, just before the two years of mind and physical endurance sucks the soul out of them.

I laughed so much, scream so much, and fought so much (so that we can win in our game).

Old school.

All ready for army!

Never knew that this game, despite with its simple rules, can get so exciting and fun all of us started screaming and hitting the board.

Imagine singing birthday song out loud in the cafe. 5 times.

Damn exciting (I know).

We were stuck at this for a really long time because they enjoyed it. And the best I was at is Letter S.

Tell me what comes to your mind when the three of this comes together. (Come on, we all know what you are thinking!)

Have fun in army, Jia Sheng & Matt. Work towards OCS and do me proud! :D

Bought my luggage, changed into USD, and I’m starting to pack some of my stuff into my luggage already. Just one more month (and a day), I’ll be on the plane going away on the trip of my life. There’s nothing more that I am looking forward to than this. I think I am almost ready to go. (:

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