It’s like seeing the world with a +30D

Accessories for my LX3 baby – fisheye lenses!

I’ve thought about buying a fisheye lens for my LX3 for quite a while, and finally gave in to it. I am hoping to take more awesome pictures with this piece of accessory for my upcoming trip! (: With that, I’d really want to get Crumpler’s 4 million bag to fit all my camera stuff into it. Not forgetting that it makes a perfect bag for traveling. Would you spend about $150 on it if you were me?

(Impromptu) Starbucks with Emily
Appreciate this girl taking time and effort to pop by my work place, and offering to catch up with me over coffee after my work despite knowing the fact that it’ll be rather late. Talked till it was time just for us to catch the last train back home. <3

J-day with Jerwin and Estella
Naked face, bad hair day, playing with colour filters from my faulty holga’s flash on my LX3, brought J out for an hour long walk with Jerwin and Estella which was more exhausting than I thought. It was good workout in the mildest form though. (:

Jerwin: *holds potato chip in his hand and let J stares at it for a while* No, not for you okay. *Then pops it into his mouth*

Halloween worthy picture

Love the vintage feel by the yellow filter

Fail mama-sans.

Pseudo-maxi dress

Awwwww <3

I love the way the fisheye takes awesome architecture and nature pictures. I think this is definitely going to turn out as a good investment. May this little interest of mine continue to improve!

Stalking pretty girls with Estella in Jon’s room after dinner. Girly times, I like! Let’s play with our makeup set the next time round! :D

8 thoughts on “It’s like seeing the world with a +30D

  1. heehee totally! i love the fisheye for the same reasons too! :) love spending time w you babe! thanks for always having me over! Jon’s family are really nice and warm! (Y) heh. J IS SO CUTE BUT NAUGHTY! BUAY TAHAN!

    • ESTELLA, It’s so pretty right? Heh heh. And you’re more than welcome to come and play with J! He’s so naughty sometimes it gets so irritating I don’t even wanna play with him! /:


  2. chau’s brother will grow up to be very handsome fine young man.


  3. omg! J is so big now and to think he’s still a pup, hahaha! But he’s a nice fellow! :D

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