Halloween Event at Sentosa, Imbiah Station

The first ever Halloween Event I’ve ever attended in my 21 years. It was quite an eye opener, with all the people that were paid to dress up as ghosts. Some of them were even so enthusiastic about their job they went around running and chasing everyone who was afraid of them. You could literally hear some people scream it is damn hilarious.

Playing with my Holga flash light filters since my Holga’s flash went faulty. ):

To be honest, I was quite scared to be even standing near the ghosts. That explains the gap.

This Japanese Ghost is amazing. Her high-pitched laughter is the ultimate. Thumbs up for her acting.

When queueing up for the stations (which was crazily long), Bing Sheng took out his iPad then we all started playing. iPad, iPhone, iTouch. Apple ftw.

I feel like buying an iTouch for myself now. D:

So exciting the ghost wants to play too.

Singing a birthday song for the birthday boy!

Jordon the retard asked if the ghost wanted to play with us…

… and she joined. Apparently manypasserby were damn amazed they started taking picture of this sight hahaha.
(No, the girl in the background with the shock face is not one of us.)

Truth to be told, the stations were just ghosts popping out here and there and the only reason why I was scared was the shocked received. Through the 3 stations, I found out that if they want to scare you, look away and continue walking! (Y)

By the third station, it was the ultimate. The guys in my group decided to come up with this master plan to scare the ghosts back instead. Damn retarded! When the first ghost jumped out to scare us, Jinn Yang fell flat on the floor and some of the guys started screaming “Help my friend help my friend” as though he got the shock of his life and died. DAMN FUNNY OMG! When we went further in, they went to annoy and irritated the ghost hahaha. I am not sure if the ghost was annoyed for real, but she started screaming get outttttt! HAHAHAHAHA, oh god we spent most of our time laughing at the last station. :D

Damn sticky and sweaty from all the queueing and walking.

Some pictures taken from the other’s camera

Fan of Fruit Ninja!

Birthday boy

This ghost is damn proud! People who stopped and asked if they could take a picture with him, he just continued walking! -.-“

Gosh I love my DOPT peeps. Craziest and most retarded (the guys especially) bunch of people ever. <3

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  1. JEFF, Yah I just realised that we didn’t take photos together. Didn’t take with a lot of people actually, we were just busy having fun! Hahaha.


  2. omg.! i also love fruit ninja! (:
    u should try to veggie one. ! can slice multiple times!

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