Silliness neutralized by love

The last day of October was a really eventful one for me. Haven’t had this much fun in such a long time! :D The afternoon was spent with my precious St. Marg’s girlies, and the night with the DOPT peeps. Can’t emphasize enough on the fun I had, with both group of friends! :D

But for now, I am going to work on an entry solely for my girlfriends tonight. (That’s the furthest I can go when I have gotta wake up for work early next morning.)

Met up with my girls at Bugis for lunch. Settled for Madam Saigon for vietnamese food, and it was quite good. I ordered Chicken Pho for myself, and it was rather good other than the fact that I could feel my lips wrinkling up after a while. It’s probably the work of the MSG. ):

The rest of the girls who were late joined us after our lunch, and we attempted to do some shopping but gave up shortly because there was nothing for us to walk/look around/shop. Singapore’s sad this way. Settled at NYDC for desserts, and ended up having the time of our lives laughing at random stuff, talking rubbish, playing stupid games on Linda’s iPhone. Sometimes wasting time away together can just be the best form of pleasure.

Took a bus down to Dhoby Ghaut, then we started our endless camwhoring at the Dhoby Ghaut Green! :D When I say endless, it includes mountain loads of craziness as well. Haven’t done this since forever I swear, and it’s like we are back to those good old times.

This is a totally ugly picture of us (me especially), but I love it because we can just be ourselves around each other – ugly and unglam.

Oh, and just in case if you are wondering why Jolyn’s sitting in such a ugly position, it was because she was trying to cover Jeanna’s underwear. Apparently she said that. Out Loud. With the random guy somewhere in the background. Not a care for the world, just simple protectiveness for one another. <3

It’s my first time working on a gif file on photoshop, and this is hilarious.

Being with them means having to deal with shutting them up in the midst of nowhere, only to realize the absolute silence that we are breaking. The noise the din. These girls make me realize things about me that I don’t even know… like how long my hair is right now. Heeheehee.

Loving these girls since a long time. Looking forward to the stayover at Marina Bay Sands in December just before I fly off to the states. Heart-to-heart talks, talking through the night, falling asleep beside each other. Away from this diverging crazy life.

5 thoughts on “Silliness neutralized by love

  1. omy god!! tt’s the most awesome GIF done!!!
    absolutely hilarious..all of our expressions are priceless man!!!

  2. SOOK FUNG, Hahaha, first attempt and was glad it turned out well! Saved so much of my page space too haha! q:


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