This will be the only constant.

Stayover with you will always be the same.


Midnight hunger leads to walking all the way to Yassin Restaurant for fattening food, all because Selegie Bean Curd was closed already. ):

Mee Goreng

Mushroom Prata

The night continued with pillow fights, tickling each other, fighting, heart to heart talks and updates on our lives until silence and weariness hits us. It was probably the best sleep I had in a long time. (:

Then came sleeping in and lazing around in bed on an extremely hazy morning; with loads of love and madness.

And because the both of us failed to think of what to cook for lunch, we aborted our cooking plans and headed for our virgin dining experience at The Soup Spoon. The food was good, the company was better.

Meatless Minestrone Soup

Mushroom Soup.

Mushroom & Chicken Wrap

I have eyeliner on, but I have horrible ugly eyebags and look like I just woke up.
Stacey doesn’t have make up, but she looks flawless. Life is unfair. )’:

I hope things will remain like this always. This is the kind of friendship I’d cherish.

Happy, strong, and unbreakable. Even after all the happy moments and fights we go through.

5 thoughts on “This will be the only constant.

  1. How come i feel so weird looking at all these photos when there was a higher chance that my face would be beside you. But i’m glad it was stacey because i wouldn’t wanna talk to you at night, i wanna sleep “D

  2. JON, Baby you are so mean. I am going to talk to you through the night for the rest of my life. I will make sure you can’t sleep every night. Or rather, disrupted sleep. (Y)



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