Blue Puppy.

Happy 21st birthday, Emily.

Emily’s 21st birthday bash, held in the Civil Service Club, on Saturday evening. At Bukit Batok. Look at the miles (literally) I go for my friends! q:

This girl here is definitely, without a doubt, the most patient person I’ve ever met. A really amazing girl.

It’s Wen Xiang that’s tall. I strongly stand firm on my ground.

Pretty polaroids for the guest book.

I love my flute buddies.

I love Emily’s pretty Tiffany-inspired cake! :D That never came across my mind, but it is so pretty!

The only group picture I have on my camera was blurred, so I am not putting it up. ): I had an awesome time catching up with the people I haven’t met in so long, especially Wen Xiang. So sorry for having to leave earlier, Emily. But it was awesome, I really love the idea of your cake! :D And I love how you always look so radiant! :D Please keep a day for me, I need to have a date with you soon. <3

4 thoughts on “Blue Puppy.

  1. Just saw your post for me! Awwwww, you make me sound so nice, hahaha, I’m not lah, aiyoo! Thanks for coming down and tell me your schedule, let’s go pig out, hee ! <3 I was too obsesses with tiffany and co alr, hahaha, that explains the cake q:

  2. EMILY, You are really nice what! :D Sorry I had to leave early on your party. ): But I really love your cake’s design, never thought of something like that before! When will you be free, sweetie? LET ME KNOW! :D


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