Today’s a happy day!

Today’s an awesome day! :D Reason being that it was a good day at work, & all the happy stuff came in the mail today!

MBD masks. This is only half of what I ordered!

Love Bonito’s Toga dress

And the credit cards that I applied for are approved! :D The only reason I’m signed up for the cards is for my year end trip since I doubt I can save enough on time. /: Shall chuck them in a corner of my room & never let them see daylight.

4 thoughts on “Today’s a happy day!

  1. ESTELLA, The dress looks damn awesome in the picture! But a pity that it’s the kind of material that requires me to iron before wearing! ): And I am too fat for the dress now, my tummy’s threatening to explode in it. )’:


  2. lol..then might as well dun apply for it!!! least let him get use to the daylight u bring go overseas will not get shocked..haha..

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