Jeanna’s 21st

The birthday girl.

Black Jack

(Please insert Sook Fung’s face somewhere)

Attempts to take amateur dreamy pictures with the lights.

Chocolates Sook Fung got from Europe.

Jeanna’s 21st was held at her house – which is damn near from Jon’s place, only to realise it now. It was damn awesome to be meeting up with all these people that I’ve been missing out on (and yes, I’m guilty as charged). The food was nice, so was the company. A pity that Sook Fung could only come slightly after the cake cutting session; which also means that Jeanna’s wish of having the 7 of us taking a group picture was backfired!

I’d definitely enjoy myself more if 1) I was falling sick, 2) I get to play more rounds of mahjong, 3) I didn’t have a pimple, 4) I can get to eat more from the buffet selection, 5) I can get to eat the cake, 6) take more pictures and be more crazy. But point 4 to 6 is a result of point 1. /:

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