Emotional Turmoil

Lately I have been going through a lot of emotional roller coaster rides. I haven’t felt like this for a damn long time, not even with Jon. I have never fought so hard for a friend, only to become a bad person from trying to protect the person.

Over the past few years, as a friend, I’ve grown so much. I always wanted to juggle the best out of all the worlds I have, tried to keep everyone in my pocket, but I realised I can’t until I let go and concentrate on those that really matters. I did, and it was so much easier for me spending time only on those who are worth it. I thought it’d be easy for me to let go of people in my life. People who don’t appreciate me or the things that I have done for them.

I swear I’ve never cried so much for a friend before, so much I even dreamt about you for two days. You are worth it, that’s why I fought. But…. it seems that I don’t deserve to have you fighting for me.

Everything hurts so much, but this may just be the way things end, isn’t it?

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