No one has ever got a way with me like you do. Ever.

Dear Wei Min,

This is a picture of the USC’s marching band that goes to every football game that the Trojans attend. The sight and sound of this bands never fails to excite me and gets me anxious all the time. The music sends chills down my spine, amazes me and digs a hole in my heart. It made me realised that there is a hole because of your absence. I miss you.

Went to open the mailbox because I was expecting some mail from the bank, only to receive this sweet postcard from my dearest. I knew that a postcard was on its way, but I had forgotten about it. The moment when I saw the “USC” logo appearing in the midst of the pile of letters on my hand brought a smile to my face immediately.

A month late, but your choice of postcard picture, the words you said… You make it feel like everything’s worth it.

Thank you baby. <3

And on a very random note, this crazy girl that I love always have a way to either make me laugh or stone in front of my computer screen.

(Anyway, I customized my MSN! So pretty heeheehee!)

4 thoughts on “No one has ever got a way with me like you do. Ever.

  1. ESTELLA, I have nothing to blog eh! ): (Or rather I don’t know what to blog. /:) I WILL TRY TO FIND SOMETHING TO BLOG ABOUT SOON! Meanwhile please update your blog!


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