If I had you

Money, fame and fortune never could compete.

Finally had a long-awaited date with my Soulmate today! (: It’s always so difficult to find time out together with clashing schedules/off days, so this definitely means a lot to me.

We settled with Japanese food for lunch at Watami, and I enjoyed my experience there (despite the relatively slow service from the staff). The food was good, and the price was affordable. We had so much fun talking about the most random things, and what more can I say? I really love being with this girl; laughing out loudly and doing weird things that only we understand, giggling at ourselves after that. Nothing really beats this.

Window shopping with Soulmate, hoping that I can spot nice & affordable winter clothes but to no avail. ): I may just have to resort to searching on the net for them I suppose. ): Settled at Frolicks for some froyo, but I am so sad because Frolicks’ froyo melts really quickly. ):

Took a train down to Plaza Singapura so that Stacey can grab a pair of Sonic Gear’s earphones, thanks to my recommendation! q: Ever since I started using Sonic Gear’s audio products, I don’t think I am gonna change to any others because 1) it’s really good 2) it’s affordable 3) value for money 4) it’s by a local company! q:

Roamed around a little before Stacey headed off for dance in school, while I went to Chinatown to change for some US dollars while the rates are to my favour! Wish that I had more money to change right now, or even better, may the rates continue dropping! Curbed my KOI temptation and headed back home for dinner.

Today’s really awesome, as simple as it may be. Spending quality time with my sister-from-another-mother, had dinner at home (something that I haven’t done in a really long time since I started working) with everyone in my family present, loads of me-time, and time was passing rather slowly just the way I like it. Definitely need to have more of such days.

With that, I should attempt to round off this night by hitting the sack before 12. Let’s hope that there’s nothing on the net that would distract me.

Goodnight world, I hope you enjoyed your day as much as I do. (:

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