Running away (:

Pictorial Entry; as a result of absolute laziness over a period of time.

Went designer-brand shopping with Ziwei the entire afternoon looking for nice designer wallets and bags, finding for something pretty and nice. It’s quite fun actually! Planning to eye on an awesome wallet (since mine’s in quite a terrible state right now) and buy it when I’m in the states!

later that evening…

Apparently I enjoyed my meal at The Handburger, other than the veggie patty (since I ordered portobello burger) which was quite gross. Jia Sheng said it tasted/look like cow dung. -.-” I ordered it because of the mushroom, but I could barely taste it. /: Finished my burger anyway. Thumbs up to the soup though! (Y) Shall try others the next time round.

Was supposed to be out helping March to find the right present for her boyfriend, since she had a hard time thinking of what would be good. Who knows, something suddenly dawned to her on what Eugene exactly needs, and she would be getting it another day. -.-” To think that we met up just to find his present! Hahaha, but I enjoyed her company over lunch. And Gelare! Just like the impromptu ice-cream dates after band back in St. Marg’s. <3

Every time I visit The Chau’s, J just surprise me by his size! He’s growing at an exponential rate! :O In addition, all almost his adult teeth are out so he looks quite fierce. But in fact, he’s such a cute little puppy! He totally makes me melt when he tilt his head and gives that question mark face (like one of the pictures above), and he knows how to open the doors in the house omg. What a smart little pup! <3

5 thoughts on “Running away (:

  1. ESTELLA, J IS SOOOO CUTEEEE! Come play with him soon! :D

    JON, You gotta come back home quick baby! If not you’re gonna be an outsider & J will bite you when he sees you. Heeheeehee! q:


  2. HAHAHAHA KELLYN AH UR REPLY TO JON IS SO MEAN! :p u need to create a label for J soon it seems. TEEHEE

  3. ESTELLA, Heeheehee, it’s true! q: I think I really need to create a label for him, and soon it shall overtake Jon’s! q: J IS SOOOOO CUTEEEEEEEE! <3


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