Unwind & Play!

It was Randy’s 21st birthday party at Unwind Bar last friday, and I liked the place – really simple – and it felt like home to me. The canape buffet looked really awesome, but only a handful tasted the good. The cha soba tasted really bland, but I loved the prawns – which was so fresh – and the smoked salmon on bread! :D I thought it may feel a little weird hanging around with Jon’s friend without him around (other than Amanda), it may just be the last time I want to do that. But how wrong was I?! It was a little weird initially but everything got better and I enjoyed myself thoroughly! :D

The birthday boy, with Darren being extra in the background!

After the party/buffet, we went over to PLAY which was just next door, which was a gay club. I honestly don’t feel much difference going to a gay club or a straight club, just more PDA I guess. Anyway, clubbing with Jon’s friends was quite an experience! Apparently I was quite surprised that they didn’t feel uncomfortable being in a gay club since most of them are guys (okay, Amanda’s the only girl), and even went to dance on the dance floor without being judgmental! (: Darren’s the best, because he actually managed to find a corner to fall asleep in. -.-” (Jon burst into laughter when I told him this!)

On the irony, I’ve never clubbed with Jon before. /:

Vneo – Amanda’s good friend, who’s younger than us but stylish.

And yes, bumped into Wen Xiang! Haven’t seen this guy in forever! (Okay, the last time’s probably my birthday)

There was a really random guy who came up to me and gave me a hug, then asked me to do some weird pose for him. For that instance I thought he was a freak or something. Imagine him asking me to do the *twist* pose and smile like a innocent cutie. EWWWW? Thank God Vincent came in time and pulled me away. *phew!*

Despite unhappy stuff that happened and made my dearest girlfriend so upset that night, I had fun night with all of them. I think I should really make an effort to hang around Jon’s friends more while he’s away.

Amanda darling, I hope you are feeling a lot better now. Please know that I’ll always be here to give you those tight hugs to make you feel better at any point of them. I’ll always be here sweetheart. <3

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