My only drive for the year of 2010

So after slogging & disciplining myself from spending excessively for the past month…

I’ve finally booked my air tickets to Los Angeles! :D

This has gotta be the most expensive thing I’ve ever bought in my entire life, and apparently more than half of my bank account is drained. But hey, going to the states for a month long with the one I love is definitely something! :D I am so excited I even went to book my seats already heeheehee! Oh yes, go ahead and laugh at my special request of low cholesterol/low fat meal!

I’m actually going there a week earlier than the initial date that we planned, and it’d be in the midst of Jon preparing for his exams. But how cool will that be, with us spending minimally? Heading to the campus library to study together, cooking meals at home together! Oh, and baby, I’m looking forward to be eating a pint of Haagan Dazs ice-cream with you while shopping in New York during winter heehee! q:

Next up, it’s time to slog and earn as much as I can for the next few months for my expenses!

Hello Los Angeles, Las Vegas, New York, San Francisco, & hopefully many more…

See you in December 2010/January 2011! :D

4 thoughts on “My only drive for the year of 2010

  1. Wow so cool leh! i wish i can go there for a month too :( very happy for u babe! u get to spend quality time w jon over there. rmb to keep blogging ok! haha. ur special request is so retarded and hilarious. next time i wanna request for high fat food.

  2. ESTELLA, The thought of going there for a month really excites me! But then again, the thought of the sky-high expenditure + the lack of pay (unpaid leave) really makes me sad! ): I think this would be a really good trip though, so I guess it’s all worth it! :D Hopefully I get to find some time to blog there heehee! I don’t know why I requested for that meal, but hahaha, I am getting fat so…. ):


  3. i can’t believe you actually chose low fat meal. come on, there won’t be a lot of difference. hahaha. i can’t wait for you to arrive. the thought of seeing you again gets me so excited. i am imagining how things would be like and what we would be doing when you are here.

  4. JON, What can’t you believe huh? /: It really makes me very hyped up about travelling to new places with you again, and it’s the States we’re talking about this time! :D Oh gosh, I am so excited already! :D


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