It’s the same old feeling (:

I’ve been slogging like a cow for the previous week, forgoing one of my off days to work so I can earn more buckeroos for my trip! After working for 7 consecutive days, which surprisingly didn’t feel tiring to me, was well rewarded with a good day spent with a whole lot of girls! Girls from St. Marg’s, to be exact. :D

Met up with Jolyn and March yesterday , and we had lunch at ION’s Go! Go! Curry before shopping for Kerri’s birthday present (we were too busy to even meet up! O, how work drains all the time we have from us.) The food was good, so was the company and having the girls updating each other about our lives. Glad to be hearing all the good things from Jolyn though!

We settled for Chloe’s perfume for Kerri, and gosh the perfume smells really good the both March & I loved it! I shall add that to my wishlist! Was really tempted to buy myself one, but no because it’s not cheap and I don’t exactly have the habit of putting on perfume. ): Shopping at Far East was fruitful because I bought an awesome (good quality) black chiffon top, and I love it! :D

After Jolyn left for her hair dressing appointment, March & I settled at Starbucks to catch up with each other and to rest her legs. I love spending quality alone time with this girl, it was like this and will stay the same.

Took a cab to The Pines Country Club for Kerri’s 21st birthday bash! I guess one thing I really enjoy about going to birthday parties would be the fact that we get to meet up with long time friends, even better if it’s from St. Marg’s! <3 Love this bunch of noisy/hungry girls because I will always feel like I’m home, heeheehee! Everyone’s looking so pretty & gorgeous as we grow. (:

P.S: I’m very sad I look so dark in most of the pictures. Need to recover form my post-bintan tan. ):

St. Marg’s girlies <3

March & I wanted to leave early initially because we both had to work the very next day, but we only left when it was almost midnight, struggling to grab a cab thereafter! More St. Marg’s get-together session soon! I guess next up’s probably Sarah’s birthday bash, yay! :D

Looking forward to see all my lovelies again really soon. <3

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