First Roll of Holga

Haven’t been updating this space for a really long time, because there’s nothing much for me to update about thus far. ): Life’s indeed a lot more boring (routined) when you’ve started work. But hey, I’ve survived working for seven consecutive days so that I can earn more money for my US trip! I think I do deserve a pat on my back for that.

Anyway, I’ve developed my first roll of Holga pictures! I was really excited to take a look at the outcome of them, but I was quite disappointed because the pictures turned out rather blurry. ): I think I really haven’t got a clue on using this camera proper. And, not surprisingly, my forgetfulness result in me forgetting to roll the film before snapping. ):

Shopping at Bugis Village

Spending lazy mornings together.

Bringing J the cutie for his training.

Random pitiful shot of myself.
Think I didn’t roll the film completely. /:

Picnic at Marina Barage

Trying out the multiexposure function

Pitiful/Miserable faces on Fisheye

Baby’s 21st birthday at Marina Bay Sands Hotel

I want to master using my Holga properly so I get beautiful & less blurry pictures. So if anyone is willing to share some tips or to teach me, please let me know! :D

On a side note, I am experiencing some physical discomfort it’s very disturbing. I hope it goes away really soon. ):

8 thoughts on “First Roll of Holga

  1. oh no why is it so blurry!? maybe there isn’t enough light? or you need flash. go try searching for help online! im sure theres alot of info :D keep trying babe! the effects of the photos are quite cool actually, like the multiexposure one!

  2. ESTELLA, I’ve no idea! Was so sad when I saw it actually! ): I was lazy to bring the flash around the other time. I hope the flash will make the pictures turn out better. Thankfully I just had them burned into a CD instead of developing all of them, or else it’d be a waste of $$$$$! Will keep trying! :D


  3. sorry but i hv to say this, ure the most cui photographer ive encountered so far.. for analogue camera!!! hahahas!

    LOSER leh u xD
    one roll of film wasted liao -.-

  4. SOOK FUNG, Everyone has their first time right. You don’t need to be so mean and dis-encouraging what. I am not even trained in this.

  5. hahha, u look very pretty in those blurry photos. ! keep it up girl. haha !

  6. use higher ISO film if you want to shoot indoors, and use flash (does yours come with it?). otherwise, to get the best pictures you should only take on bright sunny days (:
    try more multiexposures, find interesting patterns/scenes to overlay with each other. haha

  7. STEPH, I’ve only found out about the higher ISO films after I seen the outcome of the pictures. ): I’ve got a detachable flash light, so I guess I can work with that! Thanks for your tips Steph! (:


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