Back to those good ol’days

At The Chau’s Residence right now, and I am so happy to be seeing J the pup! <3 He’s getting so much bigger though it’s only a week since I last saw him! :O He was so happy to see me that he started running all over the house heehee! What a cutie! <3

A very random entry, but I’m up to post some pictures I took with March during our short meet up before her work today! (:

This isn’t a very flattering picture, but I had to post this & explain.
When we were waiting for the picture to be snapped, March didn’t have that fries in her mouth. She just had to pop it in while waiting, even if it was only for 3 seconds! What a greedy pig! q:

And the epitome of ugliness!

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  1. Blog leh. No content can blog bout chau. Or blog bout the bleak bidding. Or I can supply you with pictures of Minni. Blog leh.

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