Bonito Chico’s Birthday Bash

Making new friends and experiencing something different. (:

Met up with Amanda for lunch today before heading down to Bonito Chico’s 4th birthday bash. Her friend, Jeslyn, asked if we wanted to join her and friends. That girl was late, but thank god Baby called me so I was talking to him while waiting for the girl to arrive. (:

We were supposed to visit Nectarie, but it was a dessert place and I need to have my proper meal for lunch so we just settled at Pasta de Waraku at The Central. My share of pasta was good and I loved it! :D Made new friends – Jeslyn & Melissa – who joined us later. (:

Prawn & Mushroom Pasta, nom nom nom.

Headed down to Bonito Chico’s 4th Birthday Bash thereafter, and the queue was quite crazy! The bash was supposed to start at 3pm, but we arrived at about 2pm because the friends wanted to be the first 1000 people to arrive so that we all can get a free goodie bag. But the moment we reached, the queue was already rather long! Heard that people started queueing at about 11am which is too crazy.

We aren’t die-hard fans of Bonito Chico. Just wanted to try and experience something a little different, and it’s probably going to be the first and last time. And just a very random note, a lot of the girls that went actually wore blogshop clothes and we kinda concluded that their lives are quite sad. Imagine people know exactly where you bought your clothes from (Jeslyn can name them all omg!), and that people probably have them too. /:

The queue that’s mad long the moment we arrive. I am not too sure if you guys can actually see the other end of the queue from this picture, but whatever that’s captured here’s only half the crowd.

Taking pictures while…

…Amanda was too busy on her phone.

Jeslyn (:

Amanda baby.

Bonito Chico’s Door Gift.

The view that we got of the whole bash. It’s quite annoying trying to get the view of the runway because it is so freaking crowded and the venue’s setting makes it difficult to catch a glimpse of everything.

<3 this picture with the happy purple balloons in the background and the flower hairpin on our hair heehee.

Probably the best item in the goodie bag, heehee.

While Melissa & another girl (I’m so sorry I didn’t catch her name) left after the bash, Amanda, Jeslyn and I took a train and headed to Marina Square for a Tom Yum Steamboat at Thai Express! All of us ate to our heart’s content, super filling! :D

Jeslyn & her boyfriend

Love this retard who makes me laugh all the time.

I had an awesome date with Amanda & Jeslyn. A good way to spend my off day.

Through the day – though I was enjoying myself the entire time – I was thinking of my boy (in the midst of oogling at another guy heeheehee) and I missed him. ): I promise myself that I am going to spend quality time at home & at The Chau’s on my off days next week. Need to have some quality me-time and play with J the cute pup! <3

Baby, I miss you terribly. You need to web cam with me and feed me with virtual breakfast more.

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  1. i’ll try. I miss you too. i got bad news. tues and thurs, i have classes starting at 8am. i’m gonna die

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