Four months later: Till we meet again.

“Love makes you do crazy things, insane things, things in a million years you wouldn’

t see yourself doing, but there you are doing them.

Haven’t updated in quite a while since I wanted to make full use of the short time that Jon & I have for each other before he departs for USA. There were quite a handful of activities so I’m gonna try my best to recall and write them down in chronological order!

Wednesday – Jon stayed over at my place and we spent a lazy morning together since it was my off day. Made plans for lunch at Wild Honey since weeks back, and I was kinda mad with Jon the day before when he met me because he wore slippers. He totally forgot about our lunch date. Felt so annoyed at him the night before, but somehow it simmered a short while after. Figured that I shouldn’t be screwing up our plans, so I decided to wear slippers with him so he wouldn’t look underdressed.

Anyway, my second visit to Wild Honey was as good as the first, and I’m glad that Jon enjoyed his meal too! :D I ordered Scandinavian while Jon had Mexican. I loved my share, and everything just went well with each other! It was shopping at Far East Plaza thereafter! (:

Oh yes, slippers for the day just to match my forgetful boy.

Thursday – When Jon stayed over at my place, he grabbed one of my shirts to wear because he was afraid of catching a cold. Who would know that he actually grabbed my St. Marg’s PE shirt! :O But gosh it was quite a hilarious sight I just had to take a picture of it!

(By the way, the reason why he took this shirt was because it’s probably one of the biggest shirt I have in my cupboard)

Friday – Was supposed to work but I got a MC because I wasn’t feeling well, but wasn’t that unwell to be unable to function. Truth to be told, I wanted to spend a little more time with Jon as well since it was the last weekend with have together. Don’t you dare judge me because I was really sick and Jon had to force me to take medications. Give me credits for me being honest instead!

So while I went to visit the doctor, Jon went to run some errands for his family. This guy is really so selfless and is so willing to go through all the trouble just to convenient his family members. I salute and give him all the respect when it comes to this, and I’ve never seen anyone else like this ever. Wish I could be like this too.

Headed to his place and waited for him to be back from all the errands that he have to do, then off we drove to have facial together at Clementi. Went back to his place and we gave dinner a miss because we were going to have late night xiaolongbao buffet at Crystal Jade with his brothers & secondary school friends! Though I love to eat, I can’t eat a lot at one go despite feeling hungry all the time! Each of us had one basket (is that what you call it?) xiao long bao each, and the guys kept asking for more. Jeremy had 6 baskets of it just for himself! D: I died at my second basket. /: I didn’t fancy the taste of the soup because the guys threw in too much lamb and I don’t like the smell of lamb at all. ):

Playing with J when we were back.

He’s such a big boy now!

Saturday – I had a lazy morning at Jon’s place while he was out to play football with his brother & friends. The entire day was just spent at his place packing his luggage, playing with J, eating home-cooked food, spending some quiet and slow time together with each other’s company.

Home-made Kueh Pie Tie by Jon’s Grandmother

Preparing his luggage only a day before he departs!

Jerwin has this method of trying to discipline J where he is not allowed to have his meal when it’s placed in front of him until 5 minutes has passed. Sounds like a real torture but J’s really disciplined in doing so. Even when I’m not sitting down beside him to make sure that he doesn’t touch his meal, he will not eat until he’s given the green light to!

Carrying J the big fella! He’s growing at an exponential rate! D:

I made a reservation at 2am: Dessert Bar later that night, but it turned out to be quite a disappointment in both of our opinion. Jon ordered a Tiramisu while I had Purple. Mine tasted nicer (in my opinion) even though the Tiramisu was the more popular choice. All in all, we paid $30 for two desserts, which didn’t even satisfy us. ):

Jon insisted that I must blog about our experience at 2am because it was disappointing. The moment we finished our desserts, Jon turned and asked “We’re not going to come back here, right?”, and I couldn’t help but to nod my head. Desserts tasted fair (mine was quite interesting though) with a pathetic serving that’s extremely overpriced.

And because I didn’t have my desserts craving satisfied, I bought a tub of Haagen-Dazs ice-cream and we ate it in the car. Tried the new Caramel Biscuit & Cream flavour and it was awesome! So much better than 2am! Half the price, and in a big volume!

When we got back to his place lay on bed, talked about the most random things, and then fell asleep while hugging each other tightly. I wished this moment would really last forever.

Sunday – Woke up real early to pack up, and then off we headed to the airport. Surprisingly I didn’t feel sad at all about him leaving this time round. I guess it’s because we’ve grown to understand the fact that this is not that difficult when our bond for each other’s so strong, the fact that we’re doing this for the future we want together.

I told myself that four months isn’t really that long, and we can get through it without much problems even though there’s a timezone problem right now. The next thing I know will be the fact that I’ll be on the plane with his family, making our way to Los Angeles to reunite with him. Every reason why I’m going to slog and work my life away for the next four months for this trip.

Went back to The Chau’s residence after Jon departed, and I went with them for J’s training. I really love J a lot I can kiss and hug him all day long! I never knew that I’d ever love a German Shepherd this much. And it’s so amazing to see how much bigger he has grown over the past two months!

J looks like he is smiling widely to the camera here. So cuteeee! :D

Curious little J.

Giving J a shower after his training!

Poor J has got this mark on his nose because of the muzzle, all because of the law that says all “German Shepherds must be muzzled in public”. ):
By the way, he looks so cute here! :D

I feel really bad for disappearing from home for the past three days, and I’m really glad that my family understands without making a fuss about it.

I hope my boy will reach the states safe and sound, and through his entire stay there. I shall hit the sack now, and wait for his call at 2am in the morning. Now we’ll have to find a way to contact each other with a time difference of 14 hours. ):

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