The first ever surprise party I’ve planned – since a month ago – and I am very very glad that it turned out as good as I wanted it to be.

The sight of your surprised face still lingers in my mind, and it makes me smile.

On Saturday, I woke up early and prepared for my boy’s big day – his 21st birthday! :D Met up with Amanda to pass her the alcohol that I bought for the party the day before, and off I headed down to his place. It was nice to wish my boy Happy Birthday with his just-woke-up-sleepy-face-and-messy-hair. (: Took out my polaroid camera and started taking pictures of his family members to add into the book I made for his 21st birthday – a collection of all the birthday wishes for his 21st! :D

We drove off to Werner’s Oven at Siglap, as recommended by Baby. We ordered quite a feast, but to be honest I think I don’t really know how to appreciate meat like oxtail and lamb. I’m more of a white meat person, and I guess that probably means fish and chicken. I’m sucha bore, but I don’t really fancy beef, lamb or ox. /: I loved the Pork Knuckles though! :D And I ate all of the sauerkraut! :D And because I’m a carbo person, I wiped out all the potato. D: Ohhh, and I love the breaded cheese and desserts too! <3

Werner’s bakery!

After lunch, his Dad drove us all to Marina Bay Sands Hotel because I booked a room to celebrate Jon’s 21st. Apparently, I booked the room for “just the both of us” and I only told him the day before when we were in Bintan. It kinda fulfilled his wish (without me knowing) because he jokingly told Raymond & Co. that he wants to book a room at MBS and swim in the Sky Park when they were here. Now, he can flaunt to them about his experience! And another small wish of his was also to bring his family up to the Sky Park, it was killing two birds with one stone! :D

The Chaus, my second family.

I bought this dress from Agneselle in February and only got to wear it that day. Look at how sad my life is that it deprives me from dressing up! ):

After his family left, and we went back to the room to laze a little while before heading up to the Sky Park for a swim at the infinity pool! (: The room’s rather spacious in my opinion, so I have no complains about it even though March said that the view of the room was quite terrible (since she was the one that helped me to book the room)!

The view at the Sky Park was magnificent! We swam to the edge of the pool and had a bird’s eye view of the entire Singapore City! :D He was telling me how we were looking at the same view from a different angle at Swissotel’s Equinox on my birthday 4 years ago, telling me about Hello Kitty (that’s the name that Jon gave to the Merlion at Fullerton because it looked really small from where we were).

Jon took a picture of this because he said this was supposed to be a proof of me busy messaging on his birthday. Well, I was busy messaging Amanda to plan for his birthday surprise!

Oh gosh, the both of us are so tan from the Bintan trip. ):

He looks like a curious little cat right here. Check out his smile if you haven’t noticed.

After swimming for a while, I went to laze on the bed because 1) I was getting a little lazy and 2) I had to message Amanda to know how’s everything going in the room.

A very random note: The weather that day was quite sad! ): It was so cloudy I couldn’t witness a beautiful sunset with Jon. Everything was practically covered by the gloomy clouds. ):

My leng zai. Heehee.

To fill you in, there was actually 2 set of keys to the room and I only took one while Eugene (March’s boyfriend) took the other so that Amanda can grab it from him while we were swimming in the Sky Park. So while Jon & I were swimming (dragging time actually) at the Sky Park, Amanda and Edwin (Jon’s army buddy) – who were the main people that helped me to bring everyone together – were setting up the room for his surprise.

When Amanda told me that almost everything’s ready in the room, I told Jon that I actually made a “dinner reservation” for his birthday at some restaurant so we should get back to change. When we got back, everything in the room was left the way it was before we left. As he was taking the towel/clothes to bathe, I told him I had something for him and opened up the curtains to the balcony where all of his friends hid behind.

He was so shocked and surprised to see all of his friends, more surprised to see that I’ve included his brother and his army friends into this party. His face was so priceless, I wish I captured it on camera. But yes, that was the face that brought huge satisfaction to me. The very face that brought me pure happiness and bliss. (: So instead of having a dinner reservation at a restaurant, we actually ordered Macdonalds takeaway. I mean, it was more of the fun that we were getting from the night! Amanda said that giving the guys good food would be like throwing them into the bin because they just want to fill their stomach, hahaha!

Awesome Orange Vodka Jello made by Amanda! :D

Thanks Babe for helping me with the booking of the room, together with Eugene! Really appreciate it! :D

There was some fireworks going on right outside and we got a perfect view of it. And Jon said that it was because it’s his birthday. -.-” He thinks too highly of himself.

I love you. <3

The customized boob birthday cake as requested by Amanda! It was such a waste that we didn’t finish the cake and it wasn’t exactly cheap. D: I thought it tasted really good though, I like!

His friends forced us to do this.

His army friends. There was supposed to be more but some of them couldn’t turn up, and one had to leave earlier. ):

The Cock Ups.
(Hahaha, they say they are from a cock-up secondary school, hence the name)

Drinking time! Loads of fun and laughter awaits!
I’ve no idea how many cups of alcohol I knocked down because of my clumsiness. But they had to insist that I was high. /:

Indian Poker! I was out to cheat and con everyone heehee. HEY ISN’T THAT THE FUN OF IT? ;D

Hahaha, Darren is a funny dude.

Mingfa’s definitely one of the craziest!

Jon’s closest army buddy, Edwin!
(Quite good looking right! Heehee)

Zong Wen who went to every single camp with Jon when they were in secondary school. Apparently he loves Jon a lot, hence the picture.

My favourite kitty.

Jeremy! Never really knew that Jon’s brother actually fancies drinking quite a tad!

It was damn freaking funny when we took the picture on the right because it was the last polaroid film I’ve got, and apparently we forgot to take a picture of CK and our face went :O then laughed a hell lot about how stupid this was. D:

More of Jon’s friends came over later in the night, and they played more card games. I went to sleep when it was about 2am because I had to face the reality that I’ve got to work the following day. Why does all good things/moments have to come to an end so quickly? ): But oh well, I had my my fair share of fun that night and I bet everyone else did. (:

This party leaves me feeling happier than the surprise party that Jon arranged for me on my 21st. Not that it wasn’t good, but I guess it leaves me feeling happier to see my love happy and pleasantly surprised. (:

Special thanks to: Amanda and Edwin for discussing with me about this party for many nights on MSN and bringing the people together. March and Eugene going through the trouble for booking the room for us on this day! Thank you so much guys! <3

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  1. YAY I LOVED THIS ENTRY! :D so happy and nice! omg and the pool looks so gorgeous! :) love it!

  2. ESTELLA, Heehee thanks babe! And yes the pool’s really nice! But it’s more for just dipping into rather than swimming since it’s only 1.2m!


  3. Awesome plan and bday and everything, bet Jon must be damn happy!!! :D i am happy to read the entries too!

  4. Of all his army mates that came, thank goodness the only cute one came. ^_____________^ HE IS DAMN HOT.

    .. he won’t read this right

  5. Hi girl, I was googling for parties at MBS and found your blog. If you don’t mind, may I know which type of hotel room you booked? Because I am thinking of booking a 2 persons room, but holding a party in it and I am not sure if MBS allows so many people in a 2persons room. So sorry to bother you and thank you in advance! :)

  6. hey kellyn & liwee! I’m like liwee and googling for a MBS birthday experience. I was wondering how many people u can call to the room (say the Atrium Deluxe) and how many can actually stay over? I’ve read on MBS and they are supposedly charging $100 for every additional guest. Did u pay the additional charges? If you dont mind liwee can u share your experience too?

    Many thanks and sorry to bother u.

  7. JOSHUA, I am not too sure about how many people you can call to a room (e.g. like the one you’ve mentioned) but we didn’t pay any additional charge at all. (:

  8. Hi there! I’m planning to have my gf’s 21st(in october)at MBS too! Which type of room did you book? The staff allows bringing friends in right? Do let me know, and any other details that might help :) thanks!

    • IZZY, Hi there. I booked a basic room (I’m sorry I can’t remember what’s the name exactly because it’s two years back) I believe. We kinda sneaked the people in so I guess you do have be a little more discreet. Hope that helped. :)

  9. Hey how many pplz did u have in ur room at one time? :) as in the most number of pplz.. Isit v squeezy?

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