Baby’s 21st Birthday Surprise – PART ONE: Bintan Getaway

In-lieu of Baby’s 21st birthday, I arranged for a surprise getaway for the both of us to Bintan! :D I have been doing some planning for his 21st since a long time ago, and I even gave up planning for my own for his (which in the end, he arranged for a surprise for me as well). :D

The both of us woke up really early on Thursday and started preparing to head out to Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal, all the way from Baby’s place which is on the other end of the train map. D: We wanted to head off from my place initially since the journey is a lot shorter as compared from his place. But this boy, being the usual filial one, had to wake up early at 4am and drove to the airport to pick up his Grandparent’s visitors. The poor boy only has a few hours of rest that night. ):

Took a train to Tanah Merah, and the journey was so long! And how unlucky of us not to be able to find an seat. ): I was desperately trying to find some seat for Jon so that he could sleep for a little while and catch up on some rest. Took a bus to the ferry terminal, and we saved quite a bit on transportation over the initial idea of taking a cab! (:

The rather beautiful morning sky at the train station.

Grabbed our boarding pass, and then had breakfast by the sea. The weather was really good that morning, and I am so thankful for that. Wouldn’t want to be heading for a beach vacation with a rainy weather! :D During the hour ferry ride, the both of us slept through it catching up on our rest!

I borrowed this beautiful sun hat from Amanda! :D

Baby bought three loafs of bread because he was worried that we would be hungry. -.-” THREE LOAFS OMG. I think he’s preparing for war instead. /:

After we arrived at Bintan’s Ferry Terminal, we took a coach to Bintan Lagoon Resort and checked in. The place is huge, and since we only get to check in at 3pm, we went to the beach and did some water sports! :D Kayaked for an hour, swam in the sea, and then headed to the pool to soak for a while before having our lunch by the beach.

The food was mediocre, and I bet I could eat a lot more better tasting food with the same amount of money back in Singapore. But oh well, it’s on a holiday so we all have to be prepared to spend more. The poor boy was a lot darker (in fact a little burnt) at the end of all the activities because he didn’t apply sunblock while I did. He blamed it on me because I “refused to let him apply fearing that he will be fairer than me.” /:

This is what happens when you get lazy/tired after kayaking for a while.

I really love my new Victoria’s Secret Bikini! <3

My handsome boy <3

With my Holga.

My share – Seared Scallops
Regretted ordering this because I was famished and not only did it turned out to have only three scallops, but the scallops didn’t really taste fantastic (but didn’t taste yucky). Credits for the food display though.

Baby’s share – G Burger

After lunch, we went back to the poolside to… sleep. HAHA, we are such pigs! But that’s partly because 1) Jon’s tired, and 2) there was still quite a long time before we could check in! It feels really great to be falling asleep by the pool though. (: After half an hour, I woke Jon up and we went for a swim in the pool again. :D

Checked into our room, and I was happy with it! I booked the Deluxe Sea View room, and Jon was happy that it’s spacious, and it even had a balcony! But to be honest, the sea was rather quite a distance (even though it is still within sight) so it kinda failed my criteria when it comes to being a “sea view room”. /:

Showered, then we left our room for dinner at Pasar Oleh Oleh! It was quite a rip off when our cab fare cost S$22 for a 15 minute long ride from our resort! ): We went for a package oil body massage and dinner! I enjoyed my body massage, other than the fact that I had to take off my…. bra. /: Was feeling so shy and awkward but I didn’t really care thereafter because 1) the (female) masseur didn’t massage the chest area 2) the oil massage was really nice 3) I fell asleep heehee! I can’t believe Jon didn’t sleep throughout because he said he’s a light sleeper. :O

It was a simple local dinner which was really filling! :D I loved the spicy fish. <3

After our dinner, we went for the firefly tour! :D We had to take a boat into the Bintan mangrove, which was so dark that I can only see the silhouette of the mangrove trees and reflection of the moon light off the water. To be honest, I was kinda scared that there were some crocodiles in the river that would come and attack us! (Me and my wild imagination) But after awhile, our guide did say that someone saw a crocodile in the river though he has never seen any till thus far! It totally freaked me out because we were only halfway through the tour and we can barely see anything.

But the sight of the fireflies was so beautiful. They linger around the mangrove trees, lighting them up so beautiful like the lights on the Christmas Tree. We can actually use our hands to catch them, and when I did, one died in my hands. D: I felt so terrible because it was so pretty and I killed it. ): It was really nice to experiencing something like this for the first time together with Jon. (: No pictures of the entire experience because it was too dark and the fireflies were too small to have the entire sight captured on camera. ):

Set the alarm, and we only woke up 1 hour after the time that we’ve set. Oh god, we are such bummers really. After preparing, we went to the hotel’s restaurant to have our breakfast buffet. I am such a carbo lover because almost everything I grabbed was carbo, while Jon’s protein. /: Ate til our heart’s content, then we headed back to the room to sleep. D: Oh gosh, we slept so many times throughout the entire two days we were like pigs!

Woke up in time for us to check out at 12pm, left our baggages with the hotel and went around to waste our time away since our ferry was at 4pm. Bintan can be a real bore with everything over priced to be honest, so we went to the leisure hall to play instead! We played Wii and it was so fun! :D Rayman Rabbits and Mario Kart! <3

Baby Peach’s me while Baby Mario’s Jon. I seriously suck at Mario Kart.
I. Never. Ever. Got. Into. Top. Five. Ever. In. My. Life. >:(

We got free ice-cream before we went off to the ferry terminal! :D

I enjoyed myself through the trip, running away from this crazy life with the love of my life, exploring new places and activities together. (: The only thing that I didn’t manage to do was to snorkel, because Baby wasn’t feeling too good with his flu and cough to snorkel. ): But nevermind, we should do that when we plan a trip to Redang/Tioman Island! :D

More plans for Baby’s birthday tomorrow on his actual day. THIS IS GOING TO BE SO MUCH MORE FUN THAN THE BINTAN GETAWAY! ;D

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  1. AUDREY, Hahaha, yes I got your keropok! When are you meeting me to get it? :D

    GERMAINE, Hahaha, we have good taste! (Y)

    JIA SHENG, No la, I borrow a case that can put cameras to go underwater. The underwater casing for LX-3 cost more than the camera itself! :O I used my Sony cam for the underwater pictures by the way!


  2. I am here to remind you to blog and that I <3 you! heehee hawhaw

  3. I. Never. Ever. Got. Into. Top. Five. Ever. In. My. Life. >:(


  4. ESTELLA, I’ll try to do so by tonight, no promises though! <333 you too evil twin! Meet soon yay! :D

    STACEY, IT IS DAMN SAD AND DEPRESSING YOU KNOW! ): We should meet up for Wii soon! :D


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