What I love about my Mac

  1. Personalized with a pretty wallpaper that I just made, and I can stare at it all day long heehee. (Oh yes, my creativity juices don’t work all the time so I deserve a pat on my back for that. Otherwise, my wallpaper would still be the default one as shown above. /:)
  2. The aluminium body and black keys! It is damn pretty! :D
  3. Awesome quality pictures/videos by the webcam. Now I can webcam with Baby anytime I want when he’s away! :D
  4. Adium – a damn awesome and pretty interface for MSN, because MSN messenger for Mac is terribly sucky! (Not complaining that I can’t webcam on Adium because there’s always Skype!)
  5. Dashboard which allows me to download cool widgets! :D
  6. Expose function! It’s way cooler than CTRL + Tab!
  7. Way much faster than my previous laptop! (Y)
  8. The small and portable adaptor.
  9. Makes me happy to just stare and look at it heehee.
  10. It’s a present from my love. <3

Still a newbie with Mac, so please give me tips/suggestions on what to do and what are the must-haves! :D

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