Steamboat with The Chaus at my humble home (:

Dinner with The Chaus at my place, along with my Grandma on Saturday night. The night was fun, and I was glad it wasn’t awkward at all. The kids (our brothers, Jon & I) played the drinking game and laughed a hell lot from being bloated with water, while the adults were having their adult talk. My house is not even this neat and tidy on Chinese New Year!

And guess what’s the first thing Jon said when his family entered? “Let me bring you to my room.” -.-

My very dashing boyfriend (who came and pick me up from work yesterday) in formal wear; he was working at his Dad’s shop for a day since it was short handed, while his Dad rest at home. I love how filial Baby is. (:

I love how Jon makes an effort to stay at my place and finish up the home-cooked soup that my Mom prepared despite being in a rush for time. (: And just as we were leaving my place, we bumped into my Dad who just reached home.

D: You all hate me ah? Why are you all leaving?
Both of us laughed.
K: I’ll be staying at Jon’s place for the night.
D: Come back home! *refusing to let me off in a joking manner*
J: *while I was still looking at my Dad, he placed his palm on my face and dragged me towards the lift* Byebyeee!

Hahaha, Baby’s actions totally shocked me. But I love this relationship of how we all can joke around with each other like that. How Jon is close to my family. And how my family loves him too. Priceless. <3

4 thoughts on “Steamboat with The Chaus at my humble home (:

  1. SO SWEETTT~~~~ *swoons* why never invite me ah? i love steamboats leh hahahahaha ! *extra* okay faster get married i want you to have twins so i can be their evil godmother! :D

  2. ESTELLA, hahaha, you are just being retarded right! Admit it! I am too young to get married! I want puppies for my kids heehee!


  3. HAHAHAHA orh so u saying ur a bitch? :D teehee. i will steal ur puppies!

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