The presence of the very same person that brings comfort and ease.

With you, I would want to try out everything I’ve never done before.

Thursday was probably the day that I enjoyed work the most! Had a late lunch because Jon was coming over to find me. Brought him to 4 fingers (I’ve no idea how many times I ate this in a month already! D:) to let him try how good the chicken was! And it was a treat from my boy. :D

After lunch, we went to G2000 because Baby had to get himself a suit for the orientation in Los Angeles next month, and I’ve gotta admit he looked really dashing! :D We spent quite a while there, and I thank god for my manager who was being really understanding! She didn’t complain or wasn’t unhappy that I was taking too long (and partly because there was barely any crowd at the shop too). Jon got everything at a really good deal because of the promotion! A suit, two shirts and a tie for only $180! (:

Taken on my phone.
Amanda’s response to this picture when I posted it to twitter was “WHAT THE FUCK SLIPPERS. I was looking at it and like ‘wah leng zai…’ Until I saw the slippers. -.-“””””” Hahaha! The same thing I told Jon before she made her statement. q:

Later that night, Jon picked me off from work and we went to have Rochor Beancurd with Angelina and Hao Rui.

It was my off day on Friday, so Baby and I had a picnic date! :D We woke up early and headed to the supermarket to do some groceries shopping. (: Jon was supposed to be helping me out in the preparation of food but he was sleeping instead. /: Oh well, not really complaining though. The both of us have been rather deprived from sleep, so I guess it is only fair to let him have his rest.

We drove to Marina Barage for our picnic, and thank god it was neither raining nor too sunny! In fact, it was rather breezy, just the way I like it to be. (: I was so famished I couldn’t help but to take a few mouth of food from the lunchbox during the car ride! It was my first time there so Baby was the one bringing me around. I love exploring new places with this boy. (:

From this…

to this!

all of it prepared by me alone while the boy went to take a nap instead of helping me out! /:

Because we forgot to bring the drinks that we bought for the picnic, I was dying from thirst. But POKKA green tea saves the day! :D

Jon’s Grandma specially prepared dinner for me, so we grabbed our dinner before heading over to The Chevrons for Jeffery’s 21st birthday party. Had my fair share of fun at the party with fellow DOPT peeps, and it was nice sitting down sharing about different happenings in our lives. Baby had to leave halfway to pick his Dad off from work, and he made a detour to pick me up thereafter, so I could spend slightly more time with my friends. (:

Happy 21st Birthday Jeff!

Later that night, Jon’s friends came over to his place for a drinking session. Oh gosh it was so damn hilarious and funny I enjoyed myself so much! Played Circle of Death and Amanda has gotta be the slowest reaction of all most of the time, heehee! The drinks and the laughter was a really awesome way to end my night. Jon’s friends are just mad hilarious! I find it hard to hold back my laughter after hearing about their cock-up (the way that Baby describes it to be) secondary school stories and their funny actions/expressions! They had so much fun that they’re planning another night for this again. But I think I am going to miss the second round because of work though. ):

Ming Fa “praying to the lord”, thanking him for having a friend who’s an “idiot” to save him and the other guys from drinking that awful drink. Apparently, Amanda’s that idiot! Hahaha! q:
(Opps, I resized this wrongly and am too lazy to make amendments again!)

Had a really awesome Friday despite the lack of rest! :D I need more of such days!

Now I’m waiting for Baby and his family to come over for steamboat my stomach’s growling already! :D Hope that they bring J along heehee! On a side note, I’ve received my Victoria’s Secret bikini and it is so damn awesome and pretty! <3

7 thoughts on “The presence of the very same person that brings comfort and ease.

  1. I tried 4fingers today and it’s seriously nice! My friend said so too:D And the pictures you took are so pretty, especially those on the greens and the fish eye’s uber cute.

    I can see you glowing from happiness in the pictures, awww!:D

  2. EMILY, You tried it without me as you promised! D: Hahaha, but it’s okay! (: I think the pictures are nice because of the green surroundings, and I think it works with any camera! As long as you’ve got awesome greens & blues in the background, I’ll love them all! :D And heehee, the fisheye was a cheapo method instead of getting the proper fisheye lens for my camera hahaha. q: Thank you Emily! <3


  3. hahaha omg the two of u are so cute together! so happy that u finally blogged! babe! can tell me where you bought the bag? I see so many pple carrying it and i really like the purple one but idk where to get it from! :( thankss!

  4. Kellyn:haha.thanks for coming.appreciate it.hope u guys had fun.=)
    Amanda:yea beer pong v fun!!

  5. ESTELLA, Hahaha, thank you Evil Twin! :D You should blog and kill my boredom too! ): I bought the bag at bugis, but I didn’t see any purple one. Are you talking about the hot pink one instead?

    AMANDA, Hahahaha, it looks quite fun but I didn’t get to play it! ):

    JEFF, Hahaha, no problem. I sure had my fair share of fun. (:


  6. It looks purplish pink but not hot pink! D: aiyo its okay then heheh thanks babe <3

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