The way you take my hand is just so sweet, it knocks me off my feet.

Friday and Saturday has been really good to me. It’s the first time that I took a consecutive off days ever since I started working, and it was really good to me. (:

Baby stayed over on Thursday night, because both of us had the intention of sleeping in the next morning. But that poor boy had to sacrifice his sleep and wake up at 7am just to help my Dad run some errands while I sleep in. I really appreciate your acts a lot my dear. <3

My dearest wrapping himself up like a dumpling. (:

We went to Chinatown to get some KOI because Jon wanted to let Hao Rui try it, since we were meeting him for lunch at Raffles Place thereafter. So while Jon went to get them, I went to the tour agency and booked two tickets to Bintan; in-lieu of Jon’s 21st birthday celebration! :D Have been planning (and saving) for this since a few months back! Initially I wanted to surprise Jon on the day itself by bringing him to the ferry terminal, but I’m afraid this boy will have some things planned on this day so I decided to drop the idea of surprising him, and to book him in advance rather. But the very dumb me kinda surprised him at the wrong time because he got a little annoyed with waiting for me to be done. ): But after a few minutes, I could sense that he’s actually very happy that we’ll be going away on this beach vacation! :D

Hao Rui headed back to work after lunch, while the both of us headed down to Bugis for some shopping! This has gotta be the first time I’m shopping properly ever since I started working! ): Anyway, the only thing I got for the day was just a bag while Jon spent a lot more than me, for the very first time! At the rate he shops, he’s gonna burn a hole in my pocket soon! D:

I pasted pretty alphabet stickers on my Holga! Can’t stop playing around with my Holga and I hope my first roll of film will turn out fine!

Shopping makes me happy! :D

Why isn’t there any clothes that tickles my fancy? ):

Took a train down to The Cathay thereafter to catch Eclipse! :D I am glad that it was way better than New Moon (but that’s partly because New Moon’s actually one of the most boring books among the four)! Jon enjoyed the action scenes, and I’m glad he did. (: There were quite a few funny moments in the movie and I laughed quite a bit! Definitely enjoying watching movie with the best company I can ever get. (:

Stayover at Jon’s place, and I slept in on Saturday morning! :D Had to force myself to wake up because we were going to bring J for training at Woodlands! That little pup need to learn to behave a little more, so they’ve got a professional trainer to coach this little fella. It would be a disaster if this boy is left untrained, and by the time he becomes huge it’d be totally out of control! So far so good! He’s learning quite fine, and he seems to be pretty happy (and tired at the end of the training) running around! On the car ride home, he knocked off in the car instantly! Heehee, poor little cute pup! <3

J the cute little emo pup

This J is so smart! He was sleeping on the ride for training, and he decided to place his head right in front of the air con! He’s damn cute and smart! Check out his tranquil expression, heehee! <3

Jon walking J around just before the training starts. (:

He’s licking my face! Check out his cute little tongue! <3

Tired little boy!

I need more/longer days like these, away from exhausting work.

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