I wanna dance in the night

On Tuesday night, I had a rather pleasant night/surprise from some of my dearest Poly mates – Bing Sheng, Jia Sheng, Kelvin & Peiyu – who was at my house’s void deck at 2am in the morning (so I guess that makes it Wednesday night instead) with lighted cupcakes and a present for me. They’re so sweet, and I really appreciate their sweet and thoughtful little acts! :D We had roti prata near my place thereafter, and as usual, Jia Sheng was being annoying, and Bing Sheng’s crazy/reckless driving skills still freak me out. /:

They lighted up the candles on top of the cupcakes. By the time I came down, there was a burning smell coming from them because the wax that dripped burnt the cupcakes hahaha!

And please pardon my naked face. Sleep deprivation makes me look terrible. ):

Cupcakes made by Peiyu!

I really cherish having such friendships. (:

On Thursday, I forgotten that Optique Zone was having a company dinner so I wore my usuals to work – t-shirt, shorts and slippers! But the OZ ladies still insisted that I should come, so I did. So after work ended, Jon & his Dad came to pick me up from work and off we went to P.S. Cafe at Harding Road! (:

Seriously, people who work at Optique Zone will never be slim and slender. There’s just too many of such functions/events, it’s impossible to loose weight.

Before picking me up, Baby actually went to buy movie tickets for Eclipse to surprise-date me again! :D I mean, we already planned to watch the movie together but the act of him purchasing the tickets first really brought a smile to my face. (:

Miso Cod Fish. This is really damn awesome!

The humongous truffle fries Baby ordered.

This is still the group of people I enjoy working with the most. I miss them. ):


On a very random note, I love the pictures taken by my camera heeheehee so pretty! :D

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