Life has been nothing less than great (:

Haven’t been blogging in awhile because my life has been really packed lately. Not forgetting about the fact that I am also busy trying to figure out how to work my new Macbook! I am still trying to get the hang of it, and I’ve to learn all the shortcuts all over again. (People who has done projects with me would know that I am actually quite good and fast with all the shortcuts on windows)

Anyway, on the actual day of my birthday – Wednesday – Jon and I had trouble deciding on whether we should have my birthday lunch at Forlino or Privé since I wanted to visit these places since a while ago! Anyway, we decided on Privé and I really love the view from the restaurant. Looking at the clear blue sky and the yatch being docked pier helped lightened my mood by a whole lot. Would love to revisit this place, but at Privé Cafe & Bakery instead! (:

The restaurant’s rather spacious I liked that. Gives us enough room for some quiet time. (: We had a 3 course meal and it was my treat! Afterall, I am the one’s that is working right now! Kinda felt the pinch for the costly meal though. ): Ever since Jon’s back, I’ve been spending a little more than usual. ): Spent an additional S$150 on getting accessories (faux leather notebook case & a screen protector) just a few days back! D:

So anyway, the food was pretty good and I certainly enjoyed the company of my boy. (: It has been so long, and definitely nice, to be pampering ourselves with good food just like the good old days. (:

My share

Jon’s share

omg so fat. ):

I really love the sky that day. It was so clear and blue, just the way I like it to be. (:

Wanted to catch Eclipse after lunch, but the timings weren’t on our side so we did some window shopping instead. I have a feeling that I’ve lost my ability to shop because nothing really catches my eye, and I gotta admit that I am a little lazy to dig through the piles of clothes to look for something beautiful. ):

Headed back to his place thereafter, and I miss J the cute little pup so much! He’s growing on me, a lot faster than I expected. :D Never knew that I could love a German Shepherd this much. (: It’s definitely nice to see that he’s slowly recognizing Jon as his family even though he still sticks to Jerwin most of the time. I love how he runs to us with his tail wagging so quickly when we opened the door, jumping onto our laps and licking us all over. He’s such a sweetie! <3 Sometimes I even miss him more than I miss Jon, really!

He has such long limbs!

Jon & I had a simple birthday dinner at Keng Eng Kee Seafood with my family. (: It was also my treat as well, and that really makes me feel that a lot of things changes when you are growing up (physically and financially). But oh well, it was really nice having some good family time together, with Jon together too. (: Can never ask for more when you’ve got good food and your loved ones with you. (:

Very important people in my life.

Have been staying over at Jon’s place for the past few days, and I really thank my parents for their great understanding without even complaining about me disappearing from home during this period. But I really love J’s company even though he cause quite a lot of scratches and red marks all over me because of his claws and hyperactive self sometimes. But awwwww, he is just such a sweetheart! <3

My actual birthday was a simple affair, but I was contented. Can never ask for more. (:

Just a few days back, Jon popped by at my work place with a cup of bubble tea & famous amos cookies while bringing Raymond & co who was visiting in Singapore. Shortly after, I received an SMS from my sweetheart…

J: Baby you will marry me right?
K: Woah why did you ask this? It sounds very freaky! (As in, it sounds as though he’s guilty of something and I still have to marry him anyway.)
J: Because you said you’ll marry whoever got you the two things (bubble tea & famous amos).

That message, it made me smile so much to myself. (:

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