Exploding in Happiness that leaves me speechless <3

Ever since Saturday, I can’t stop smiling to myself whenever I think of what was planned for me.

I have never been this happy. (:

Saturday was the day that I have been looking forward to since the 2nd of Jan. The day that I’d reunite with my love, the day that I’d be back in his warm embrace and kisses. Little did I know that there was more that’s planned for me.

I stayed at home the entire afternoon, went to the salon to have my fringe trimmed, then was just trying to find something for myself to do at home while waiting for time to pass, just to see Baby upon arriving. I even went to take a nap! He told me he reached Malacca (took a coach from KL back home) and would be reaching in about two hours, which would be another hour later from the expected timing. It made my day passed even slower because every passing minute was a dread until I see his face.

As the time got closer, I decided that I’d head down to Chinatown to get myself a cup of KOI bubble tea, and another cup for Jon since he haven’t tried it before. But before I could even make my order, I received a call from Baby saying that he’d be reaching my place soon when I was supposed to pick him up at Harbour Front. I asked him to come to Chinatown instead since it’d be on the way to his place, but he insisted that I head back to my station and meet him there despite knowing that he has to wait.

It felt so good when I could hear the sweetest melody that rings to my heart, calling out for my name even before I could even see his face. The hugs and kisses felt so surreal. When I asked why he insisted that I should go back to Boon Keng instead of him taking a train down to Chinatown, he said “Because this would be exactly the scenario 4 years ago, during our first reunion.” That, made me smile. (:

Anyway, I was damn sad. I was in such a rush to head back to my station that I actually forgot to take straws from KOI, and the long ride back to Lakeside wasn’t exactly short, so my ice-cream milk tea didn’t have my ice-cream pleasure anymore. ):

We were supposed to have “a light dinner at The Chau’s, then head out for Bak Kut Teh with Amanda and the guys”. But just as we were about to enter the lift, Baby said that he wanted to buy some stuff, and then we walked towards the BBQ pit. And the very next moment, Jon asked if I could see my friends.

Just when I was planning on doing nothing fanciful on my 21st birthday, my dearest had a surprise birthday party planned for me while he was still in Melbourne; with the help of my dearest friends. All the hassle and trouble he had to go through without even being physically here in Singapore, I really appreciate it a lot Baby.

(P.S: Stacey was posing for this! Check out the last two fingers that were pointing up while holding the cup! Hahahaha!)

My lovely girlfriends, who are also July Babies.
(6th & 7th July to be exact! :D)

I love my soulmate!

The third (I think) bouquet of flowers I have received from Baby. But this is the biggest I’ve ever received!

Thank you Amanda for all your efforts! :D

The girls that made year three so much easier to get by. (:

DOPT peeps! <3

I was so surprised to see Estella because Jon have never met her before, and he invited her too! I am so happy! :D

Jon’s very funny bunch of secondary school friends. (:

We Are Family! *sings*

Evil Twin! (The balloon was in the exact colour as I was, hence being part of the picture!)

The present from Stacey, Kay Minn & Margaret! When I flipped the heart that says “Happy Birthday”, I thought there was a message for me at the back because there were some words scribbled on it. Turns out that Stacey told me that she wrote wrongly so she just turned it over! -.-” THIS GIRL AHHH! <3

Anyway, it’s a Quad Cam! :D

SP Band peeps! <3

Check out Blue Puppy at the back yo!

7th July babies <3

I love them both so much.

Amanda trying to be Jon, hahaha!

And J has gotten his share of attention that night! :D

Playing with balloons as though we are kids!

I love this picture! :D

Then it was cake cutting! :D

The damn awesome cake that Amanda got! THIS IS SERIOUSLY GOOD, EVERYONE JUST WANTS MORE! It’s so good I think I want my wedding cake from there! The thought of it is already making me drool. ): Anyway, Amanda was so smirk about the cake because everyone asked her where she got it from! (:

St. Margaret’s family (with a lot of missing people who came late!)

SP Band loves!
(& Kay Minn’s trying to be in every picture!)

DOPT darlings!

Jon’s buddies!

Evil Twin <3

And them most important person of my life.

The chocolate base of the cake is damn hard to cut!

Jia Sheng & his girlfriend, Jamine!

After the BBQ (or rather, buffet), most of them went up to The Chau’s place to catch football together!

Alcohol to round up the night! The ice wine that Zong Wen got was damn nice, I love it!

Hey J, why are you looking so cute here?! :D *heart throb!*

The huge bouquet of lilies from my sweetheart. (:

Gifts from the people I love. (: Totally love the Macbook Pro that Baby got for me! :D And I’ve gotten 2 different lomo cameras yay, I am so happy! Gonna play with them soon heehee <3

The rest of the girlfriends who came later! (And obviously it was quite late since you can see that I already showered hahaha!)

Zhun Hong who came after work with Janice! Really appreciate it! :D

FYP group yo! (Y)

Janice! :D

Hanging around in Jon’s room with my girlfriends <3

J the very cute party pup! <3

And some of the very funny messages I got on my birthday collage card, wonderfully and beautiful made by Estella! <3

Then a few messages later “Happy Birthday Kellyn! (I agree with Jelly) Julius

See how pretty this is?! :D :D :D

The only guy that calls me Wei Min seriously. (The others calls me Wei Min just to disturb me)

I had such a blast. Jon knows that I have never had a birthday party before, so he arranged this specially for me a month before the actual day while he was in the midst of his exams. He contacted a few of my friends from different groups, and got them to help invite close friends to this party. I’d really want to thank Amanda, Stacey, Randy, March, Estella, Matthew & Tiac Woo for helping him out!

Jon was telling me the entire process of the day when he was preparing for the party. The boy was actually back 2 days before, and he didn’t want to meet me because of this surprise birthday party. And it really made me smile when he said that he met up with Amanda and Stacey, my very important girlfriends, earlier in the afternoon to run errands just for the party. Especially when I know from Jon that both of them clicked pretty well! :D And the both of them actually introduced KOI to Jon before I do!

He then held my hand, smiling, asking if I was glad that he brought two of my very close girlfriends together. Yes I am darling. Happier than anything. (But Amanda and Jon’s damn bad, they didn’t want to talk to me because I didn’t cry!)

Thank you so much for everything, everyone. I still can’t stop smiling thinking of this special day. (: I think I am so happy that I actually look happy and radiant without my make up on, for the very first time! :D

Anyway, I still have got a lot more DOPT peeps that I haven’t met! Really want to just spend this day with these lovely people just over a simple meal would be great. I’ve gotta go find time out to do so, and that’s if they’re free for me too!

I really don’t know what I’ve done to deserve you. Thank you Baby. I don’t know how to show you how happy, glad, appreciative and thankful I am of you.

You are the sweetest thing that has ever happened to me.

I love you. <3

8 thoughts on “Exploding in Happiness that leaves me speechless <3

  1. HAPPY 21st! glad it was a memorable day for you! :) heehee


  3. Happy 21st Kellyn!:D Your face’s really glowing from inside, hahaha! Because you’re immerse in happiness!
    Oh yes, where did your friend, amanda got the cake? It’s amazingly awesome! :D
    P.S You have got really awesome girlfriends plus a great bf that went all out to make your birthday a blast(:

  4. EMILY, Thank you Emily! :D Heehee, I think I was really too happy that day! :D Everyone has been asking about the cake, it taste really so good! It’s from The Pattissier! :D And hee, I think I am really blessed too. (:


  5. I have never seen my name appear so many times before but i still feel like crying sia. AND YOU FORGOT TO ADD WHAT CHAU THAT IDIOT (IM JUST BEING POLITE HERE) SAID WHEN HE ASKED “HIS BUDDIES” TO TAKE A GROUP PICTURE. ……….. “OK COME, MISCELLANEOUS GROUP” *FOAM X FOREVER*

  6. AMANDA, AWWWW DON’T CRYYY! I SHOULD BE THE ONE THAT’S CRYING. But I didn’t heh heh heh, don’t kill me! q: HAHAHA, you are so funny la babe I love you so much! <3


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