It has gotta be the best, and nothing less! :D

K: Baby, I buy tickets for tonight to watch Eclipse, okay or not!
J: Tonight cannot. Sorry baby, I have plans for both of us already.
K: Really? (: What is it?! *beams to myself*
J: Secret. Tell you later.
K: -.-” I thought you say lao fu lao qi already still what secret.
J: Okay la. Tell you lo. Stay at home and watch Soccer. Please baby. Tonight got quarter finals.
K: -.-“

So much for making me smile at the thought of “having plans for the both of us“. -.-”

Oh well, even if that’s the plan, I am totally fine with it. Because it’s Saturday, and I am actually going to have plans with Baby! :D :D :D :D

Can’t stop smiling to myself the moment my eyes open in the morning. (:

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