A bloated but happy tummy!

I wonder if it is a sign of aging, because just hanging out the entire day during my off days are actually very tiring. D: Caught up with BFF Matt for lunch, and it was good! We had no where in mind for lunch and I suggested 4 Fingers at ION because it always caught my attention when I am actually walking around to grab my food while working. Finally got to try it, and thumbs up for it! :D

My spicy chicken chop & Matt’s soy garlic chicken burger. The chicken’s skin is so damn awesome I ate them all. I love the fries too, super yummy! :D

I look like crap here, but Matt wasn’t supposed to be posing for the cam. He was actually busy digging something from the bag when this shot was taken. -.-“

This vain pot changed into his new army specs that he made at OZ. I like this picture though! :D

The gifts Matt got for me from his Cambodia trip. Appreciate it a lot dude! :D

My fat face + Matt’s ugly hair = unbeatable horrible duo.

Matt was showing me the pictures that he took during his Cambodia trip, and it definitely sounded really enriching! Then he went on and on non-stop about this girl, tsk tsk! q: Decided that we should walk around a little to give our (or rather, my) bloated stomach a rest. There’s so much sales everywhere it’s madness. It’s always during the GSS period that I don’t shop. Oh the irony. /: Anyway, there was this really awesome blazer that caught my eye at Armani Exchange! If not for the fact that it cost SGD340, I’d have grabbed it. ):

Photo from AX’s website.
I think this picture doesn’t do justice to how awesome this blazer is! I can’t get this off my mind, I really want it! D:

And to feed my craving for ice-creams, we settled at Marvelous Cream for some! :D I grabbed a big cup and shared it with Matt, but I got it at a discounted price because we saw our fellow ex-DOPT course mate who was taking up a part time job there! :D

Matt and I talked for the rest of the afternoon, and my butt hurt when we were about to leave. That’s how long we sat, talking about the most random things and the interesting happenings around us. q:

Blue Cheesecake Cream!

Dearest BFF, you’re a charming and suave young guy in the making. But please…. GO HAVE YOUR HAIR CUT PLEASEEEEE!
(Ahem, Amanda agrees too!)

Dinner with Amanda darling at Ginza Bairin. We both had the same dishes because she said that it was it’s speciality. Somehow I was feeling so bloated that I couldn’t even finish my share! Anyway, the food was good and so was the lovely company! :D

Window-shopped around a little, and I brought Amanda to AX to show her the blazer, heehee! She agreed that it was pretty too! Oh gosh, I think I might want to just buy it from the website if it’s cheaper. Let me wait till Jon’s in the states and I’ll have them shipped to his place. Yay, because that means no international shipping! I can wait for awesome stuff anytime! q:

Wanted to visit Toast by Marmalade Pantry, but it was closed. So we just settled at Cedele to take a rest, and I got myself a Super “C” drink just because it’s healthy with vit C overload! q: Amanda thought it tasted bad because she hates fruits hahaha.

Walked over to 313 Somerset, then sat around at some corner and chat till it was almost 11pm. Oh god, this girl is just super hilarious that she makes my face stiffen from all the excessive laughing. Oh gosh, this girl is a treasure to me. Love her straightforwardness because it cracks me up totally – all the time!

I need to have more off days to meet up with all the people I love. Meanwhile, I’d be busy for the next two months, heehee! Saturday’s coming! It’s Friday tomorrow, and Saturday’s the day after! Heehee, looking forward to be in the warm embrace of my sweetheart. (:

On a side note, Sook Fung’s giving me a pair of NDP preview tickets for next Saturday! :D That means that my wish of reliving the past – watching NDP with Jon, just like when we were 11 years old – is gonna come true! Just when I was disappointed that the actual NDP tickets are all out, another door opens up! <3

Life’s amazing and awesome this way. (:

6 thoughts on “A bloated but happy tummy!

  1. MATTHEW’s hair damn pretty now. ! haha
    anw im going ndp preview tis sat as well. but i think my preview no fireworks =(

  2. JIA SHENG, Damn gross okay it is so long, and he refuse to have it cut because he thinks it’s cool. -.-” Matt told me that you are going for the preview tmr too, but why no fireworks?! O.O


  3. yay to js! anyway, tan lili thinks that my hair style suits me too.
    and you-know-who (ahem) likes my hair too, so i’m keeping it!

  4. MATT, Ehhhh, I thought he was being sarcastic?! It’s not nice at all okay, go cut it! Your hair is the reason why she is unavailable, hahaha. q:


  5. I cannot forget the (OOH YOU CHANGED THE FONT TO CENTURY GOTHIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) taste of the sick drink man. -__________-

  6. AMANDA, Hahaha, you are damn random! HAHAHAHA. I meant the font part. So anyway, hahaha I am gonna stuff you with fruits one day. You must appreciate the beauty of them! (Y)


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