June has come to an end.

Heeeheee, June has come to an end. Heeheehee! I am not kidding when I go heeheeehee all the time because I am literally grinning from ear to ear as I am saying this!

June has been sucha busy and mind/body wrecking month! Worked so hard and slogged like a dog for the entire month, but I am definitely enjoying the fruits of labour (reflected via my pay next month). It’s making me damn happy because I am another step closer to saving up for my USA trip, as long as I remain disciplined and thrifty for the rest of the year. I haven’t even got my pay for this month, but whatever I am too happy to be bothered by it. (Oh anyway, the GST offset has been deposited into our accounts already! :D)

What’s making me happier is that Jon’s coming back. IN A FEW DAYS TIME! OH GOD I CAN’T STOP SMILING TO MYSELF HEEHEEHEE! It’s like, I serve my customers with a wide grin on my face not because I am damn happy to serve them but the thought of Saturday’s coming makes me smile like an idiot oh god. Then they’d probably think I’m damn happy and enthusiastic to serve them when I know what’s the actual reason for making me smile.

And I received an email from Baby while I was at work.

How are you doing? I am in KL. I am fine and doing good. Cant wait to o back singapore to see you. I have been missing you a lot. Knowing that i am so near to SG but i cant see you. The most torturing of all, is to see my plane fly past my home country and kept thinking of parachuting down to your house.

Hahahaha, I am such a fool for him but whatever. I bet no one really understands how I feel and why I go smiling at myself all the time because you’re just not us. BUT I AM SERIOUSLY SO FREAKING HAPPY LEH HEEEHEEEE! After not meeting for 6 months, we are finally gonna reunite again.

Let’s celebrate via a cup of KOI ice-cream milk tea!


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  1. Awwwwww!! such a sweet message :) 6 months is SUCH a LONGGG timeeee but you guys survived it well! just a few more days, hang in there!!! :D

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