An afternoon at The Chau’s

My only off day of the week, and the afternoon was spent at The Chau’s because I miss J so much. It was really nice to see J running towards me licking me all over when I reached. Jon’s Mom said he seemed really happy to see me. :D

(A dog-ful entry ahead, and nothing more/less!)

J’s such a loyal boy, waiting patiently behind Jerwin to be done with his homework.

Later in the afternoon, we went to their neighbour’s place who owns a 4 year old Golden Retriever called Nicole. Oh boy, Nicole’s a really pretty and obedient dog, and that leaves me really really impressed! I really love Golden Retrievers, they are so pretty and elegant! <3 I guess the only downside about having one is that they shed excessive amount of fur! ): Oh… and they were sharing with us how Nicole can actually see dirty things and shared some of the experiences with us. That kinda spooked me a little! :S

But J, on the other hand, was such a naughty boy! He peed on the sofa and the floor, then shit in the Gladys (the daughter) room! But thankfully they were really patient and nice with J, knowing that he’s still a young pup and it’s all part and parcel of puppyhood!

Evidence of J being really mischievous trying to snatch the toy from Nicole when we were playing Fetch with them!

Nicole in her raincoat, so cute!

2 thoughts on “An afternoon at The Chau’s

  1. OMG I MISS J TOO! he is soo naughty but damn cute la! i went to see kinder today too! what a coincidence heheh

  2. ESTELLA, Hahaha, yea he was damn naughty! D: How’s kinder?! :D Did you take pictures of her?! I’d love to see her one day too heehee! <3


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