26° at 0102

While the boy’s at his place with his friends, having a great time with his friend in a world cup drinking session, I’m playing with my new baby. (:

Rejuvenation needed.

My comfort zone

Playing with the multiexposure function

Then I’ve decided to take a coloured photo to show that both of Jon’s favourite (hopefully I’m) are in the same colour.
Things to ignore: Ugly/tired face, dark eye circles, pig trotters.

Then it suddenly struck my mind… Baby, do you remember this picture you took when you were in Trinity back in 2006 for some Christmas party or something? And I was supposed to be that voodoo doll? (I went back to my old blog and dug this picture!)

It’s payback time!

Just that it’s not on you. (:

I can’t believe I’m seeing your face again in exactly 7 days from now.

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