“cause u never know whats gonna happen 5 years down the road”

Hahaha you sure sound like a person that is full of doubts about life. You’re right, I don’t know if I am still gonna be with Jon after 5 years. But I can also say that I’m not sure if there’s gonna be another guy that will make me fall in love so passionately like how Jon would. But why carry this idea of “I don’t know what’s gonna happen 5 years down the road”? If this is what you’ve in mind all the time, the one regretting 5 years down the road will be you because you haven’t go the courage to give in your all when you could have in the past.

If things really don’t turn out the way we both wanted, this is definitely a relationship I will not regret. I loved passionately, so did he. This is the best time of my life, bad times included.

Anyway, if both of us aren’t serious about settling down with each other, we wouldn’t be fighting and working so hard for the future we have together.

I’m not sure what’s up for us 5 years down the road, but I can quite confidently say that we will make it.

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This person asked me previously if making plans with my boyfriend scares me. It kinda amuses me with the questions that he/she previously asked, and now I know why.

It kinda annoyed me to see that this person is doubting my relationship with Jon. But after clearing my thoughts for awhile, I kinda laughed instead. And that I won’t explain. (:

4 thoughts on ““cause u never know whats gonna happen 5 years down the road”

  1. i think its only people who have no idea what the both of u went through that will say things like this! dont be too bothered babe :) you have faith in this r/s and so does jon and that’s all you need. your relationship will only get better with time! :)

  2. ESTELLA, Hahaha, thanks babe for your encouragement! It kinda annoyed me for a while but then after a few minutes I just thought that the person seemed a bit… Tell you more on MSN if you want to know! q: But yea, I believe that time will turn things better too! :D


  3. … Who is to judge anybody’s relationship anyway? I don’t care what happens 5 years from now or even 10, you two are bound to have a hell of a time – quarrels, laughters, come what may – and how does that even matter to anybody as long as you two have one another? SIAO LANG EH.

    To the stranger, 5 years? For fuck? Whether it’s 5, or 1, I’M GONNA GET MY COUPLE SPEECH WHEN THEY GET MARRIED.

  4. AMANDA, Hahaha, you gotta chill babe! But anyway, 1 year is a bit…… too soon? And you know that’s impossible. I must meet you soon and hear all your swearings about life because they always crack me up!


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