A mail from PastMe! :D

The following is an e-mail from the past, composed on Saturday, June 20, 2009, and sent via FutureMe.org

Dear FutureMe,

I hope that life has been kind and great for you, and that you are happy and contented with what you have. I guess I can say that life has been pretty good so far! (:

You should be working by now, so I hope that you have at least saved up your first 5K in your bank account, if not you better go do some reflection how have you have been wasting your money! Hahahaha, yes I haven’t got my first 5k in my bank account yet and I think I might need to take forever to reflect! D:

I hope all your loved ones are healthy and happy right now, and that they are all contented too. I’m really glad that they are healthy, and hopefully happy too. (: Have you been travelling a lot? Because I’d like to know more of your travelling experiences! :D I guess I can say that I’ve been travelling quite a bit. Hong Kong-Macau in December 2009, Kukup in February 2010 and Bangkok in March 2010. I hope I’ve more travelling plans lined up ahead of me! :D

Remember, always to love the ones around. Always. (: I will. (:

With love,
The Kellyn in June 2009

Bascially this entire email kinda amused me and made me laugh to myself when I saw it in my inbox at work! The words in red are obviously my replies! I think I should just drop myself more and more random emails to the future me to make myself happy heehee! :D

2 thoughts on “A mail from PastMe! :D

  1. hahaha omg this is too cute! :D i think i will write something like Dear Future Me, have you remembered to bathe? It’s been ten years already so please do so asap or your friends will leave you (do you even have any friends left btw?). HAHAHHAHA

  2. Amanda, i saw Kellyn’s last post and i thought that your life must be a joke. :P

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