By far the busiest off day! :D

It’s my off day again, and it’s a busy one! Met up with Stacey Soulmate at Dover and we headed down to the Optometry Centre to be subjects for Eng Heng’s FYP! Yay to easy money heehee! :D Felt so happy meeting up with Stacey even though it wasn’t a proper date or anything like that. (:

Had lunch at Clementi’s Botak Jones because I was craving for the cheese mashed potatoes! It still taste as good, but I’m quite sad that the portion shrunk. ):

I’m a greedy pig this way!

Estella came to join us after that, and Stacey left us to meet her friend! Estella and I headed over The Chau’s place to play with J! :D Jerwin was really welcoming, and I was glad that Estella wasn’t awkward! (: J really sticks to Jerwin a whole lot, because Jerwin actually brought his mattress & pillow to sleep beside J’s cage for the first few days. Bet that made Jerwin his main master, and it’s a no wonder why he always follow him around the house. Estella and I had a bit of trouble getting J’s attention every now and then! But it was funny being ignore by J. q:

J licks me all over my face, and I find it hard to resist this baby! <3

Bazhang that Jon’s grandma made. Super yummy! <3

Estella and I made plans to go down for a swim, but because it rained so heavily earlier in the day, the weather became really cold. So all we did was to just soak in the pool and talked while playing with water. Heehee, it was fun! But babe, we need to meet for a proper swimming session soon! :D

I had so much fun that I forgot that I was supposed to be going for a movie with Jerwin and one of his classmate in the evening, so I was rushing through dinner and changing out! /:

Jerwin was trying to train J. He prepared his dinner, and is trying to discipline J, leaving his meal there for 2 minutes and asking him to stay (not to eat his food)! But J was such a good boy, he did that without much problems though there was a few times he wanted to just grab his meal heehee!

Caught The Karate Kid at The Grand Cathay, and it was awesome! :D Jaden Smith is so cute! Every time Jaden gets punch, I could totally ache for him! ): But it’s a really awesome movie to catch, so please do! :D

My ratings: 4.5/5 apples

It’s such a long day I’m feeling so tired right now. Pretty certain that I’d knock out as soon as I lie on the bed, which is good. (: Now that my off day’s over, it’s time to recharge for work tomorrow. I hope this week (and the rest of the month) will get by smoothly for me!

2 thoughts on “By far the busiest off day! :D

  1. hello kellyn! im the first one to like this post! hahahha. thanks for the awesome day out! so many happy things in one day! J is such a smart boy really. I hope he learns all the tricks soon then next time we can ask him to perform! and yes yes we really need to have a real swimming session one day! :) it’s really nice meeting stacey and jerwin! :) and omg, i love the bazhang! the picture makes me drool, literally. dinner was great too! heehee. v happy girl tonight. my midterm paper tmr die liao! but i die happy!

  2. Estella, I had such a great time today too! :D Hahaha, I hope he will follow me a little more when I visit him the next time! q: Gotta steal him away from Jerwin already. q: The bazhang’s making me hungry too, heh we are greedy pigs like that. q: And nonsense, you won’t die for the paper! ALL THE BEST and I believe you’ll make it for the paper! :D


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