The littlest dreams that take me there

There’s always something I’d do subconsciously at the back of my head, whether I want it or not; I dream. I dream about you and me. I dream about us – about our future.

I’d dream about how our house would be; what kind of theme should our house have, how I’d want to have my furniture arranged even though I don’t have a floor plan of our non-existent apartment. I’d dream about how I’d wake up early to prepare healthy and yummy breakfast for you every morning, or even every meal if my culinary skills allow me to, then laze our day away with each other’s company through the weekends. I’d always dream about us travelling around the world together, exploring new places and enjoying the beautiful scenery and food. I’d always dream…

Maybe my dreams of a ideal life seems to be absolutely mundane and unambitious, but I am feeling really happy working towards this. That’s probably the reason why I don’t find working in long retail hours tiring, because I know I’m just another day closer to my dream, another day closer to seeing you again. There was someone that once told me “Love can’t feed you. Money can.” Truth to be told, love definitely can’t feed you. But love can motivate you to work for the better, and feeds your soul. Money only feeds your physical bod, and maybe a soulless mind.

I really enjoy what we have now, even though we are away from each other most of the time. Despite feeling broke most of the time, it really makes me smile when I see the amount in our saving plan grow bit by bit. (: Now, let’s just hope that I can save up enough money by the end of the year (and of course successfully apply for a long leave), get an air ticket to Los Angeles and visit you, then tour around the states if our finances allow us too. I hope that this year will end with a bang for the both of us. (:

We’ve been through the longest separation for the past four years, and I’d see your face again in approximately less than a month’s time. You’ve no idea how fast my heart would race when I’m standing at the airport, trying to look for your pretty face in the midst of the crowd, wondering if you have lost or gained some weight.

Meanwhile, all the best for your exams. I miss you darling.


4 thoughts on “The littlest dreams that take me there

  1. Aw, such a lovely entry my dear. I miss you very much too. I will be back soon but i have to endure through the phase of studying for all these horrible exams. Love you babe :D

  2. JON, Hang in there sweetie. In no time, we’d be meeting each other! :D Looking forward to the day to seeing you again. I love you baby. (:


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