Perhaps this is a new start

A thank you to whoever that shared my sadness and sorrows for the death of Porsch on the previous entry. I really miss that little chap still, but I guess it’s time to move on. I hope he’s in somewhere better right now.

Met up with Emily on Tuesday, and I felt really bad because I received the call from Jerwin about Porsch’s accident just 5 minutes before I could meet Emily. So when she saw me, I was already tearing like an idiot, and she had to give me loads of tissue paper and watch me tear over the phone. ): I even shortened our meet up duration because I wanted to rush over to The Chau’s residence to see if everything’s okay. Sorry babe! Let’s have a proper meet up really soon again, alright?! :D

We had dinner at Centrepoint’s Astons Specialities, and my rating for that restaurant would be below average! First, I expected it to taste as nice as the one that’s in Cathay, and secondly it is almost twice as costly too! >:( The food looks really simple, and less appetising as Cathay’s too. ): They do not even serve chicken, but I’ve gotta say that they have quite unique sides like potato skin with cheese (which is what I’ve gotten! That apart, I don’t think it’s somewhere I’d want to visit again. I wonder if it is the same for Emily too. /:

After dinner, we walked over to Wisma’s Isetan to grab some skincare products. Emily and I are absolute skincare junkies! D: I bought my Laneige moisturising cleansing oil because I needed it though!

Had Thai buffet for lunch with The Chaus at Tawandang today. I love the Thai food there, but have never been there for lunch before. I thought that the food served was not too bad, but Uncle said that the variety of food was quite little. Anyway, I had so many bowls of Tom Yum soup the lady asked “You really love Tom Yum Soup. I’ve seen you quite a few times already!” Okay, I took that as she was trying to tell me that I’m greedy in the most subtle way possible. ): She’s right though, I love Tom Yum Soup big time! (:

Felt so happy and bloated because I ate to my heart’s content! :D

After lunch, we all went to the pet farm located at Lorong Halus! It’s such a secluded area I doubt anyone would visit that area for no reason! The Chaus decided to get another dog to help the family move on from the demise of Porsch because the house’s so quiet without that little chap. ): However, this time round the family has decided to get a German Shepherd instead a toy dog! Initially I was quite freaked out by the idea of them having a big dog in their residence but when I saw the young pups I was quite bought over by them! Their fur is so nice to touch and play with. Not forgetting that they’re smart dogs. (: The Chau brothers are really lucky to have spontaneous parents who are willing to let them get another dog this soon, especially when this dog really cost them a bomb!

We spent almost 4-5 hours at the pet farm, getting the necessary stuff for the new pup! :O When the pup got onto the car, it made quite a bit of whiny sound probably because he was afraid. But he got quite comfortable after a while. (: It seemed like he didn’t have a problem with adapting to his new crib too! Let’s just hope that this time the pup would not have the same fate as poor Porsch. ):

The entire process of choosing a name for the new pup was hilarious! We went from Zeus (because Jerwin love the idea of having a mighty and powerful name for his police dog, and Zeus was the name of a Lightning God), to Zoff, then to Joff. In the end, we decided that it was best to call the new pup J. Spelling? J. Isn’t that just… cool? J Chau (sounds like Jay Chou in a way or another)!

Let’s just hope that it will not treat Jon like a stranger when he’s back! I was telling Jon’s family how sad it is to have another member of the family that would probably be taller than Jon because a German Shepherd can be really huge! Then Jon’s parents just laughed, hahaha! Seems like there’s no barrier for me to “make fun” of their son in front of them any more! (Y)

Welcome to the family, J! :D

4 thoughts on “Perhaps this is a new start

  1. big dogs allowed at condos???
    i thought onli allowed at landed properties..u know sg, everything also need license -.- for many households in one block

  2. Sook Fung, There are quite a few big dogs in the condos! Just that you have to take care of the dog strictly and make sure that you have to hold it close to you without causing harm to the people around. That’s from what I know!


  3. OMG GERMAN SHEPHERD!!!!!!! im glad to see that they are doing their best to move on. so u should too babe! <3 jiayou! remember porsch in your heart but its time to look forward!

  4. Estella, I hope I’d love J more and more as the time goes by! :D But I do miss Porsch. ): Maybe I’m a little more for toy dogs, because they are so nice to cuddle and play with!


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